Navigating customers to your website is a hard job, however, how you can keep customers stay in your website as long as possible is an another story of online sellers. Based on researches, you will have much customers’ attention when there are attractive images and nice effects instead of lots of words – even those words are valuable information for them. That’s much better if you have a fantastic extension to manage the slides in your website, let’s check out Magento 2 Banner Slider.

What is Banner Slider in Magento 2?

magento 2 banner slider

Banner Slider is an extension helps to increase attractiveness of how the customers see your images, texts move along in your site. Along with the development of Magento, Banner Slider has some improvements for suitability with Magento 2 especially in backend.

Pros of Banner Slider Magento 2 – How you can keep customers stay longer

Banner Slider are great choice to catch customers’ eyes with some convenient features:

  • Diversified choices when you create new banner or slider

With Magento Banner Slider, you can easily create new slide to put banner in or pop up in your website. It will be very convenient if you are running a marketing campaign and want to spread the information to customers. In details, for banners, normally users are able to set up the starting time and ending time of showing a banner. Moreover, user also can add URL into the banner so that customers can easily click on the banner for details. Banner Slider also allow uses to add the Alt text which is used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

magento 2 banner slider

When it comes to sliders, Magento 2 Banner Slider provides many attractive slider effects. Depends on users’ preferences as well as the information they provide, users can customize the speed, effect, position of the slider. For instance, assume that you are having big discount for some products on Christmas day, the slider should be placed at center of the page, the speed need to be low to attract customers from high discount to low discount products.

  • Over 35 positions to put your banner, get customers’ attention by pop up and note

magento 2 banner slider

You can choose one position from 36 different positions in the website to put your banner, and Banner Slider allows users to preview how banners are put on the site before you save and finish set up. So, with many choices, now you are able to run many different campaigns, right?

banner slider for magento 2

Other ways to catch customers’ eyes are popup and note-banner. Something special suddenly appear like popup banner with a hot deal will get customers’ notice, researchers have shown that popup banner can increase customers’ conversion rate 10 times more effective than normal banner in the site.

Negatives when using Banner Slider Magento 2

banner slider for magento 2

Nothing is perfect, and Banner Slider Magento 2 stays the same. If you have more choices to take, more time you need to spend to decide. One of our customer says that: “With Banner Slider, I can create diversified banners and can put them in many positions in my site, however that’s why I need to invest more time and money to design the visual banners to optimize them and suitable for customers”. Moreover, lots of things can appear in your site is not always the good thing, it can slow down your page loading speed and annoy customer, then customer may be unsatisfied.

In general, Banner Slider Magento 2 still is the best choice for website owner to optimize the banner in their online store. The root cause of problems is not derived from the products but from the way that you use it. Banner Slider is totally free for Magento 2, so if you have updated to Magento 2, get it and optimize your site now! FREE BANNER SLIDER FOR MAGENTO 2 BETA 1.0


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