B2B companies need time to take first place in E-commerce world. They must gather and build resources for other Business companies, as well as build trust among them. That’s why the best B2B companies will definitely spend time and resources to fill in its own blog – an extremely powerful tool of marketing. By using blogs, B2B companies can easily educate potential customers as well as build trust in them to convert them to lead. This is also the place for them to promote their products through engaging content building as well as sharing knowledge with the community.

2016 is coming near, and the opinion that these 5 B2B companies will continue to claim top this 2016 can come true. Together with us, let’s have a look at what are they and how they can do that?

1, Kissmetric

Kissmetric always claim top of the best B2B companies, with the power compare with Google Analytics. It is sensible that Kissmetric told us that they can deliver key insights and timely interactions to turn visitors to customers. Actually, Kissmetric provides the best analytics tool to help boost Google Analytics with a full and specific analyst from the very beginning to the end. It also helps engage with right customers.


There are many researches indicate the statistic to be promising. Lucidchart saw a 30% increase in conversions for website owners using Kissmetric. Unlike Google Analytics, Kissmetric can both analyze the website’s status to track customers’ behavior, it also can identify information in email address to become a real customer database. You can easily store detailed purchase information and see how it works with the web activity you are tracking. You are also enabled to see a complete view of an individual’s interactions with your website and business overtime.

To install Kissmetric, you also need to add some code like this above Google Analytics tracking code.

how to install kissmetric

The interface of Kissmetric is somehow like this

Kissmetric interface

Most of the users find Kissmetric interface to be attractive. If you have made acquaintance with Google Analytics, it is really easy as a piece of cake to experience Kissmetric.

In addition, their blog is one of the must read blog for every E-commerce believers. It provides not only the marketing guides, but it also give some most concerned analytics and testing. Their webinars are also awesome, too.

2, Hubspot

It is no doubt that Hubspot will make a position in this post. As usual, Hubspot proves to be the most powerful marketing tool. They provide a lot of useful tools to help other companies to track their marketing process. You can explore variety of Hubspot’s platform as blogging, SEO, social media, CMS, Lead management, landing pages, Call to action, Marketing Automation, E-mail, Salesforce sync, Integration and Mobile. With the diverse fields to mark their tools on, Hubspot has provided a perfect set of Marketing Tools for every company to get started.


With simple interface, Hubspot blog is the best blog of Inbound Marketing. The blog also provide a lot of case studies for people to improve their knowledge of Marketing. You can easily try your best with their test for certification. Once you have finished your test of Hubspot, you might have more confident and even can show off your result with your friends.

3, Contently

A very promising B2B website increasing the content marketing to a new level. You can create content marketing more usually and more flexibly. Contently can enable you with your complete content marketing operation. It is much more easy and convenient to be successful with the industry’s most intelligent content marketing technology, including analytics that help you learn, adapt, and make decisions based on the right data.

Contently is a technology company that helps brands create great content at scale. They provide enterprise companies with smart technology, content marketing expertise, and vetted creative talent like journalists, photographers, designers, videographers, and all things in-between. There are 3 websites from Contently company, but the domain contently.com is for brand publishers.


4, Zuora

Zuora is actually a very big business, however it is new also and you maybe haven’t heard of it. Their software is the solution to help business manage the entire customer experience lifecycle, such as billing, commerce and finance. And you should not forget their wonderful picture.


Their blog is also good as well. It provides the most popular trends and news of E-commerce.

5, Unbounce

The last B2B company is Unbounce, which aims at creating best landing pages for other business’s website. As you can see, a best landing page will help increase conversion rate many times. So that’s why Unbounce is more and more developing.


Their blog is quite attractive and useful in marketing field.

Learning 5 B2B companies will claim top this 2016 to help you a clear vision of how they have done to achieve this success.

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