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At the beginning of August, Magestore introduced an upgraded Web POS extension which was believed to be the fastest Web POS extension for Magento stores. You may know about it but have you ever used it? Let’s hear one of our customers tell about Web POS & its great features.

A story from De Bono who used new version of Web POS extension

I contacted with Divyanshu Agnihotri, who is the Vice President (Marketing) for Debono Flexcom India Limited. His website is www.debonofurniture.com which is a Manufacturer of High-Quality Modular Office, Residential and Commercial Furniture, Catering to customized and standardized needs of individual clients.

Take a look at his website:

De Bono - Furniture Online website

The reason bringing him to Magestore is quite special as at first, he didn’t have demand on Web POS extension. But then he changed his mind right after trying our demo.

He said “We were searching for a good Inventory management extension for our Magento store, we came across Magestore from there, even though we had no requirement of Web POS, we saw the extension on Magestore website, took a demo and instantly fell in love with it.

We then explored other options available in different POS solutions in the market, but none of them were so well thought of and so fast as Magestore Web POS. We ended up buying the extension and are glad we did. Currently, we are using it in our retail outlets for faster order processing.”

Great features of Web POS that take Divyanshu’s heart away

“The fact that everything is at one place is the best thing about this extension, be it checking existing orders, or placing new ones, it’s all smartly packed on one page, that’s the thing we love about this extension.” – Divyanshu shared his thought. It’s really the same to other customers who told us about their favorite feature.

However, it’s not all. Divyanshu even likes function of placing the order in offline mode. He said “If we have to choose a specific feature, the ability to take orders offline is our personal favorite, right now we have implemented the module on our local server at our retail outlet (as a test region), the offline mode gives us the flexibility to take the orders outside our local network and take orders via iPad.”

How great it is! I even smile when hearing those beautiful words and I hope that I can transfer my happiness to you when you read until this line. Do you feel the same?

Time to make orders decrease drastically by up to 3 times by using Web POS

If you visited De Bono website, you will know that it was established in 1997 and a leading furniture manufacturer in India, promoted by professionals with over 50 years of experience in the furniture industry. They need to make big order usually, so Web POS is exactly a perfect solution for them.

In the interview, Divyanshu told us that “We have experienced a major difference in the speed of creating order, the initial process was creating a customer account, adding items to cart, adding discount, then the 6 step checkout, this even took more time if we had to give custom prices. this took at least 20-30 minutes.This process reduced drastically after implementing Web POS, as everything required is at one place, big orders hardly take 10 minutes.”

He continued…

“The saved time is a very important resource for our company personals, not only do they have more time for other customers but also the customers are happy with the reduced order booking time, giving us a better chance to serve them again.”

Lessons we learn after this short interview about Web POS extension

I feel happy as if I have never felt that before after getting feedback from Divyanshu. I realize that to serve customers better, Magestore needs to provide high-quality products first. I noted every suggestion of Divyanshu for our extension to update it in the nearest future.

It is really hard to express my feeling but I do hope you can understand it. If you want to have good experience & result like De Bono, you can visit Web POS product page & try demo. I am sure you will “fall in love with it instantly”.


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