What is a ERP Magento system? Let’s find out what is ERP in a plain and simple language this is has sent me if the term ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. So what is ERP is it a name of a software or is it a name of a company actually ERP is name of a type of software all you can see a class of software one up to meet attributes of your piece of it is stacked it provides and end-to-end information management solution for a company.

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Your piece of fear could be used by all departments within the company to manage the information so the objective often earp sophia is to provide right information to the right person and act the right time a typically I P.Sophia covers various business areas.

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Because it’s an end to end solution for a company examples of business areas covered by and you’re a piece of fear are product management manufacturing processes sales marketing finance human resources procurement except for a a typical industry skill.

Sophia is modular in nature meaning it consist of various applications and these applications. Our modules are connected to each other focus of each model is a particular business area. For example, we will have about your to manage finances or the company will have a model too many human resources. Acceptor these models although arse almost a standalone applications but they do communicate with each other examples of two types of communication are given on the screen.

Let’s say one module is storing data about asserted entity that employees and other model wants to refer to impose as well so model to is not going to maintain its on copy of employees stable its complete gonna share information with what you want that prevents duplication of data and also information does flow from one module to the other. Best example is the accounting entries that are created by different modules are copied over to generator model so we understand that yep you more deals are connected to each other.

 This motives are connected management of a company could run reports on any expect of the business to get a complete view of activities . This very important benefit that collectivity of maduro’s give you a complete view in management report reports help executives make strategic decisions. It is only possible if marty was attracted to each other another advantage that NERP gives you being modular is the last 10 saying if a company acquires only three modules it doesn’t have to buy all the 200 ma dude it can’t simply purchase three mo DOC licensing.

It is usually based on group of wide use but we talk about earp end users we are really talking about two types of users business users and managements are executives business users are responsible to perform day-to-day operations usually they enter data thereon operational reports and management is not responsible for day-to-day operations they are merely responsible to make decisions and and in order to make strategic decisions they have to run reports and perform enquiries sometimes that directly use ERP system some times there indirect users the process of making it your system great to be used by the client is called implementation it’s not as simple as just simply stalling ERP system and start using it we have to go to an implementation process.

This is what and implementation process looks like from a very high level perspective number one. You find out the business quirements of the client how client wants to use ERP system and what is expecting from ERP system and how flight is currently performing its business so this all comes into the business requirements second you configure the IP system in such a way that it starts behaving as per the  requirements your IP systems are very flexible they could be configured in any way you want and number three if there are any unique requirements of the client that are unable to be met by any functionality of the ERP system and those requirements are called gaps we of list all the gaps and we come up with a solution for those gaps so we do understand that implementation of an ERP project is to find out how client wants ERP.


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