One Step Checkout (OSC) is one of the best sellers at Magestore and also a competitive extension in the market. It has been widely used by a variety of businesses. Most online websites can create their own variety of checkout pages using OSC as their website shares the same fundamental rules like all the checkout steps are on one page, or there are 3 checkout modes which are for guests, sign-ups, and logged-ins.

However, we still believe that one module cannot fit all different types of businesses when it comes to a checkout page. Because each business, undoubtedly, has its own requirements. It would be the differences regarding payment methods, information of billing address, shipment etc.

That’s why this article is going to show you the most frequent customization request from customers using our Magento One step checkout and how to make it the best fit for your business.

1. Integrate with other extensions

One Step Checkout is being used among a variety of merchants. That means the number of customization request is, because of that, very high too. We would like to list out some of the most highlight customization cases which bring a lot of success to our customers:

1.1  Integrate with Extra Fee extension to add Rush Hours on the checkout page

For retailers that deliver shipping service to customers, they want to add a Rush charge for priority processing of an order. This option works with the regular checkout, giving the customer the option with the shipping method selection to mark a checkbox to add the checkout fee for rush service.

However, with One-Step Checkout, there is no check box to select the rush fee. If the rush fee has been selected in the cart, then it will show in the one-step checkout in the order review, but the customer is unable to select or deselect it in the one-step checkout.

So, in this case, our customer need to have the checkbox as you see it in the regular check out also appear in the one-step checkout.

1.2. Integrate One step checkout with another local shipping app

About our OneStepCheckout module, it can work with the most popular payment methods and shipping modules as it is written under the standard Magento payment and shipping module.

However, with a website using custom shipping module, they want One step checkout to be able to integrate with their local shipping and payment method as well to meet their business’s requirement. In this case, we need to customize One Step Checkout so that it can integrate well with the custom local shipping.

1.3.  Display additional customer data

Our customer need for their website to display additional customer data. They have a module that provides 2 new fields for the customer (tax code or VAT) because they need to set different customer group based on that field.

2. Integrate with other payment gateways

Normally, our One step checkout integrate with some of the popular payment gateways such as Paypal, Skrill, Onepay, Paymentwall. However, a lot of businesses choose to use other payment gateways which are not provided in our OSC extension. This is totally understandable as each business need different payment methods to serve their own customers’ traits. ‘

Our most requests on customizing other payment gateways are, Milople part payment, Zip Money, Redsys, Amazon pay.

3.  Re-design the One step checkout page

This is one of the most frequent requests for our OSC extension. Each business has their own web design, so using one module might cause the differences in layout, fonts or colors… Our customers using OSC often request to re-designing the checkout page. Some of the most redesigned positions such as buttons, colors, fonts. There are also some requests to re-arrange the information box in the page as well.

4. Adding Captcha

For better security at the checkout page, our customers often request to set up security check at the checkout process. Adding captcha is very popular among online websites. It against brutal attack or spam which might steal the ID information from customers.

Although our One Step Checkout provides a high security for users as checkout page is the most important page in the entire buyer journey; however, with some other complicated systems, they require higher security for their website.


Check out page is a very important page as this is the last place where everyone coming to your website decides to become your customers. That’s why customizing the checkout page for better customization can bring a lot of benefits, boost a lot of sales and gain a lot of trusts.

There are different ways to customize your checkout page using our One Step Checkout extension. By using our customization service, we can tailor your needs to suit your business.


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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