This morning, I opened the workout video of Chloe Ting to follow her exercises and found out that the number of subscribers rising to 15.4 million. Comparing to 2 million of subscribers 8 months ago – before the outbreak of COV-19, this is such a huge increase. Noticeably, this number (2 million) was the result of about 8 years of constantly posting valuable and viral videos since 2011. Other fitness trainers I followed witness the increasing number of subscribers but not as magnificent as Chloe Ting – who got the great preparation and investment in product – publishing frequency and video content before this pandemic.

Coronavirus has knocked down various retail businesses ranging from restaurant, souvenir shops to hobby shops or fashion, etc. Although, due to the general lockdown situation, many industries still enjoy the booming of sales as customers change their shopping behaviors. In this article, we would like to talk about the top booming retail industries during COV-19. In the next article, you will learn more about the changes of customer’s behaviors that on-the-go retailers should notice to take advantage of this wave.

1. Health and fitness

This is easily recognizable as we indicated in the beginning, health and fitness industry comes as one of the top booming retail industries. Because of the lockdown, plenty of person have more time to work out. Plus, gym, yoga and dance classes, fitness clubs, etc. are all required to closed so it’s unavoidable that these people have to find another alternative.

The easiest way is to follow Youtube videos and online classes and that usually ask you to buy gym mats, stretching bands, dumbbells, etc. Others prefer to invest in indoor equipment like abs machine, exercise bikes or rowing machines.

Meanwhile, those working jobs requiring a commute are eyeing up for the alternative modes of transport. To avoid the crowded commute transportation that doesn’t allow keeping 6 feet apart from each other, people are going back to use the bike. According to audited statistics by Bicycle Association members, bike sales rose by 60% in numbers sold, and there was a 57% lift in value.

Bicycle sales increase during COVID-19 – Photo from Forbes

Besides, health food brands also witness a referral rise as consumers tend to order more ready-made and nutritious food. Vitamin and mineral supplements are contributing more significant sales to health industry as well.

2. Home appliances and garden

Working remotely in a temporary time or maybe forever leads us to another attention: focus on the decoration of our home which now has added functions as a workspace and an entertainment area. On average, order volumes for brands in this sector have increased by 55% year-on-year. Over the same period, referrals have increased by 83%.

Over the past few weeks, home office furniture sales has soared as people realize the impracticality of balancing a laptop on their knees while perched on the sofa. Though shoppers are unlikely to regularly buy products like desks and office chairs, we predict a steady ongoing demand for other items in the sector like plants or generally, everything to decorate your home.

Increasing of decor things for home
Increasing of decor things for home – Photo from House Beautiful

3. Food, drink and vaping

When we cannot go out to enjoy the delicious meals or the outdoor activities, we have to find other pleasures. Understandably, gaming, videos and films seem to be the entertaining dominants along with food and drink or other consuming things that bring us with satisfaction like vaping. As customers change their shopping behaviors, they now refer to the alternative food delivery services. Many client brands in this sector are acquiring markedly more new customers via referral compared to this time last year. 

4. Beauty products

Other booming retail industry is beauty. This may not be the time for us to invest in appearance as we spend lots of time staying at home. Surprisingly, however, too much available time plus with the ubiquitous presence of all kinds of videos for make-up, skincare, etc. on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, that gradually induces us to “take actions”. If you don’t nail that traditional ten-step Japanese skincare routine while in isolation, you probably never will. All these factors contribute to the increasing sales of this industry dramatically. On average, sales for beauty skincare brands have increased by 37% year-on-year.

Need for make-up items increased – Photo from The Business of Fashion

The shadow of COV-19 pandemic has covered and influenced on the numerous aspects of life leading to the constant changes in retail industries. These changes can be positive and negative requiring retailers to quickly adapt with. How does it happen to your business and how do you deal with it? Let’s discuss with us in the comment below.


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