Brand marketing is always a great place to start! It goes hand-in-hand with your online business, your sales, your profits.  And it is one of the most common mistakes first time entrepreneurs make

You might build a brand by building relationships with your customers through your message.Brand is your appearance, blogs, mannerisms, colors, style of text,social media presence, etc. are all components that appeal to people. When you consistently depict the image you’re building, that is called “branding.”

In order to get the most of these tips we always suggest that you look at your brand or business from an outside perspective. Pretend you are a potential customer and you’re looking for a particular product or service that your company happens to offer. The big question is: Compared to your competitors, would you buy from you or from them?

Here are 7 top best ways to improve your online business with brand

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1.What emotions are you selling?


Your brand image should be based on what your customer hopes or wants to see and not necessarily what you would like to see. It doesn’t mean it works for your type of business just because you personally really like the colour green. In addition, Your brand should not convey your own personal feelings or likes but should speak to your market in a way that they like to be spoken to.

It’s also very vital that you think beyond the products you’re offering and think about the emotion your clients are buying into.  

Once you have defined your brand’s emotions. You might look at ways to portray these. Yeah, You might think about fonts or which colours would best correspond with a certain feeling? What kind of logo shape appears to make you feel a certain way? You know? All these little things together will create a highly successful brand image for you.

2. Big yourself up

Always purpose to make your company appear bigger than you really are. Customers are generally attracted to companies that look like they’ve been in business for years, have gained extensive knowledge in their specific field and look like they have a solid workforce or infrastructure in place.

The idea here is that you don’t actually have to lie but simply create a smoke and mirrors effect in order to make the customer feel that they’re dealing with a larger company and make them trust you before they’ve even spoken to you. Think about using certain types on your website and leaflet or add tactical partners to your website.

3. Create Buyer Personas

To create buyer personas, or fictional, generalized characters that build a picture of your ideal and largest markets, helps you better understand your core customer groups.  If you want to organize your research, you might start by conducting surveys and interviews, then format  and organize your persona research, finalize specific buyer personas, and lastly, use your buyer personas for content mapping, segmentation, and lead nurturing. Know your ideal customer, you will create more compelling content that they’ll respond positively to.

4. Leverage Consumer-Generated Content

 IMB’S Global CEO  study found that 88% of CEOs said “getting closer to customers” was the top priority for their business over the next five years. Yea, This can be done, largely, by leveraging user-generated content. Brands should work to improve their messaging and products as consumers continue to influence and take co-ownership of their favorite brands. You might share consumers’ content and tweak your offerings to give your audience exactly what they like to see and experience.

5. Brand values

Brand value

Creating a predefined set of values is exceedingly vital in getting your brand to work across the entire business spectrum. It informs both your clients as well as your employees of the way things are done in the business and creates a uniform platform from which everyone in the business can do their job.

You must decide which values apply first, foremost to your business. For examples:  integrity,professionalism, high standards, easy going, pride,friendly,  etc. and then work them into three/ four separate sentences.

These should instantly be able to convey to your clients how you operate and what they can expect from a working relationship.

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6. Be Open


Transparency and openness can be a big benefit as you are generating your social media marketing voice. This type of brand marketing is unique.It is few companies share the intimate details of their journey, and doing so can help you stand out from your competition. You might writing with openness and transparency also helps communicate with confidence, nothing is off the table to discuss.

7. Grow with the business


The time will come where your business grows to a size where your brand image no longer accurately reflects how much your business has expanded or grown . At this point it’s worth looking at re-branding.

Don’t misunderstand, i don’t mean starting from scratch again  but look for example at updating your website, logo, stationery and sales materials to make them more contemporary and fit in line with your current developments. Sometimes this simply means changing the images on your website or updating your company fonts a touch or your company colours just need to be brightened up a bit

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Happy online business!


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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