Nowadays, a large number of people tend to leave their day jobs to pursue their big dream of starting their own businesses. But, actually, there are many successful people who still keep their job until they reached a point in their businesses. It’s time to quit their day job to focus on running their startup. In the process of transition time, it makes them be stressful, especially when you don’t enjoy your job. However, it doesn’t have to be.

When ambition is seen as crucial thing, it isn’t always enough to give you incentives. The most important thing is to maintain your motivation and drive during your transition from employee to startup. It isn’t difficult to get discouraged and veer off course during this transitional phase. Here are

1. Creating a personal vision for your business

You need create a personal vision for your business. From that, you can set the suitable objectives and goals to do in the future. You should spend time thinking about what you want in your business in next year and write it down immediately. Sure that everything you wrote needs to be detailed and specific as much as possible. You can describe in detail in the present tense your day such as who your customers/clients are, what activities you engage in, etc.

Moreover, you need read your vision aloud every day and focus completely on the final result to develop your business. By doing it, you can  make the day-to-day choices to ignore any negative thoughts which might arise.

2. Getting crystal clear on your reason for starting your business

One of the most crucial step you can take is to connect with your “why”. The reason is that you are motivated by being your own boss, creative expression, financial independence, helping others, time freedom as well as being home with your kids. As a result, when you know your motivation, it can help you keep focusing and committing to your dream even though times get difficult.

3. Joining a mastermind group

Brainstorm is very important in building business. A mastermind group which is a peer-to-peer mentoring group can help you improve it. They meet regularly to brainstorm idea, support each other, work through challenges as well as share advice together. Actually, it’s the good opportunity for helping you stay motivated and accountable.

There are three kinds of mastermind group. They are meet in person, on the phone or online. In order to find a mastermind group, Meetup is a great place to join. If you don’t find any place to take part in, you can create your own with people who also tend to start a business like you.

4. Staying positive about your day job

Acknowledge is the thing you appreciate about your job every day. You may enjoy your co-workers or have holidays off. Or sometimes it’s just on your comfortable chair or free coffee.

The most important thing is that you always look for the good things. The reason is that the more you concentrate on positive situation, the more success you will bring to all situation in your life. You need to keep thinking about good things because negative thought can drain your energy. It makes more difficult to move forward with your dream.

5. Committing yourself to your dream

Actually, committing to work vs having the desire for something to it are really different. It decides the way we resolve it. When you commit to your dream, you will make a binding obligation to see it through to success. It means that you are “all in”, you find out the way to solve this work when facing with obstacles and of course, you don’t give up whatever will happen in the process of working. Make that pledge to yourself, and then tell the people in your life.

6. Setting daily goals

You can’t complete your vision immediately. You need to do step by step so that you should take small, measurable action steps each day toward your business, understanding there will be times when it seems like you are making no progress at all. Each step is one of the parts in building your business. The more steps you complete, the more determination as well as confidence you have to keep moving forward.

By keeping trying to do these action every day when still working your job, you will stay motivated, committed and focused on making your dream come true. Moreover, it will also make the time that you spend at your day job to go by faster.

7. Immersing yourself in learning

In order to develop your business, you need to study and research to enhance your knowledge that is pertinent to your business. The Internet is the useful source which can provide an abundance of valuable information on building a successful business. Besides it, you can take course about business, strategy or find a mentor to help you find out the suitable strategy for your business. The more you learn about your area, the more chances to succeed you have.

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Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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