If you are interested in Magento catalog, you must have not skipped product option – one of interesting and useful tools in Magento. How does Magento process the product option when a product is added to cart and an order is placed? Just read on to find the detailed answer for this question.

It has been a quite long time since my last article of Magento Certificate was posted. Today I’m very happy to continue this series with a tutorial about “Custom Index”. This post will guide you how to add a custom indexer. Three main parts covered are also three main steps that you may follow.

Hello everyone. After discovering how Magento works with categories, I continued to research on Catalog Rules and found them very interesting. Thus I cannot wait any longer to share the useful information with you.

Magento provides users with different product type profiles to select when creating a new product. Choosing the right product type is very important for accessing the appropriate set of features required to sell your items. My tutorial today is designed to help you understand the differences among product types and what they’re intended to set up your Magento products.