A rational vendor when selling something online has to be aware the importance of checkout process. It is crucial in the whole buying process, which is proved by the high rate of abandon rate within checkout step. The solution helps many sellers in shortening checkout process, then increase the conversion rate as well as boost up sales is well known as One Step Checkout Extension. As comparison with multi-page checkout, One-page checkout has some dominance. It will be clearer if you see how One step checkout help online stores success in real case studies.


With the perspective of making a well lived life for everyone, Nixon has been developing in high-stress work environment to make the purchased accessories (watches, bags…) are deserved for customers. Since 1997, Nixon have grown in boutique and fashion industry with the sales increase around 55% annually.


If you have made a purchase in Nixon, you can see a simple One-page checkout is used in checkout step. All of the information are clear and Nixon even provide an explanation beside some boxes in case customers are confused. There are just 3 simple steps in one page: Shipping, payment and review.

The website requires customers to fill information from the top down, when customer misses out an information, next process cannot be fulfilled. So, the checkout process is divided into 3 small parts in only one page, that make customers implement the checkout slowly and correctly but they can find out mistake and modify quickly.



This is a really big seller on the Internet but you definitely will surprise when see a super simple checkout page in Amazon. The key difference between Amazon and many others online stores is it save much time for customers by not requiring buyers to register every time they made a purchase, and fast speed of page loading as well as flexible response page. According to statistics, up to now, the conversion rate in Amazon is reported increase around 170%, and most of the increase (120%) comes from the massive, simple One Step Checkout page or specifically, Amazon has developed One Click Checkout for optimizing checkout process.

The cart abandon rate reduces significantly along with the enhancement of Checkout process in Amazon. It always tries to make simple but colorful theme of Checkout; the fields are also displayed clearly with specifications. Some irrelevant form fields are removed so it saves customers’ time and reduces customers’ confusion when they order as well. In general, with perfect improvement of Checkout page, Amazon has developed rapidly and gained lots of achievements.



Was found with the mission of slimming the wallet, Bellroy has realized the matter of One Step Checkout and apply it wisely to boost up sales every year. It can be said that Bellroy is one of successful case of handling cart abandonment when it set up One Step Checkout, make checkout become an easy and smooth process for shoppers.

All of the information needed are show in only one single page and customers only have to fill some necessary things needed to fulfil the order. In other words, checkout page only requires only most relevant information such as: shipping address and payment details. That eliminates all problems of multi-page checkout process.

Take the opportunity to improve your sales


An e-commerce website has to adapt quickly with the booming of technology today. So, if you also are an online vendor and want to maximize the conversion rate, check out our One Step Checkout extension, your monthly sales certainly are going to grow up to 30%.


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