We now dig into the statistic, there are about more than 100000 E-commerce retailer stores in United States, according to Forbes. Their revenue is about more than 370 billion dollars in one year, according to Statista.

diagram of E-commerce revenue

So what does it mean? Each store are now earning more than $1000 every day. But as we has learnt that Experian shows the terrible number of 44% customers quit the transaction because of cart abandonment. It means every E-commerce retailer store are losing $1000 per day, and it also means US are losing 370 billion dollars in GDP each year just coming from E-commerce retailer. So the story is how you can stop this catastrophe? One simple question just for Magento users is bringing the One step checkout extension to your store right now.

Prevention of losing your customers

All marketing and business are targeting customers, right? Losing the potential customers right at the cart position truly hurt merchants. Let’s imagine a long and complicate checkout with many required field needs to be filled, and each information are separated in one page. It makes your customers hit the back button to check their information, and right at the time they press this button, they lose every information they had filled in the current page. How terrible and time-wasting, which cause most of customers feel frustrated as they rage quit the cart process. The rest who can stand the pain truly desire they will never come back again. If you are a merchant, is that definitely what you want? Clearly it’s not, so you must act right now, unless you don’t even care about losing $1000 per day. If you don’t have a feeling about losing your money, in my perspective, you can leave this post. This post is for every merchants who want to prevent losing half of their profits every day.

The savior of Magento store – an angel name One Step Checkout extension

Why I tell you about Magento store? Because in fact, Magento is the lead of the E-commerce market with more than 25% of market share. Considering the flexible control, many store owners will decide to switch to Magento or choose it at the very beginning. Many newspapers announce Magento to be the new era of E-commerce, especially with the new upgrade of Magento 2.

magento one page checkoutA popular platform for E-commerce store, meaning approximately more than 100 billion in revenue are generated thanks to Magento. Basically, preventing your customer from abandoned cart rate is much more necessary. Fortunately, there always be an extension named Magento One Step Checkout to rescue you. Because the prominent function of this extension is allowed you to display everything in checkout process just in only one page. Do you understand how vital it is? Your customers are now able to review every information they have filled, without losing current info. And they only need one step for everything before they purchase their goods. We will guide you farther in a quick tour about Magento One Step Checkout, so you can have overview of the extension, the natural benefit which this One page checkout extension bring to your customers, and moreover, to you directly. With this extension, you will at least increase your sales by 30%, or whole 50% that you had lost in the past.

Many people have bought and experienced out product, and they all highly recommend it as a great element that increase their sales more than 50%. As a merchant, you should improve every ability of your business. Don’t let $1000 slip your cash bank every day, and I’m sure you will beat your competitors.

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