Facebook is the most popular social networking site these days. To sell more products and connect to network citizens, many companies, organizations and stores have created their own Facebook fan page. But how to attract a lot of facebook users to join you?

Important Note: We stop providing this extension.

We would like to introduce an easy way to achieve that goal; that is using our extension Facebook fanbox. The fanbox of your Facebook fanpage will appear right in your website, enabling visitors to click “like” to become a fan and keep up with your store’s updates. Especially, this extension is provided by us for free!

The extension shows Fans of a Facebook application or a Facebook page in a box on your site like this:

After installing the extension, go to admin section=>”Magestore Extension” menu => “FbFanBox Setting”
You can put your own config value for the extension.

Available variables:


  • – Enable FBFanBox: (yes or no) Enable the extension or not
  • – Facebook Page ID: ID of Facebook page or Facebook application
  • – Width: Width of the box shown in front-end
  • – Height: Height of the box shown in front-end
  • – Connections: The number of fans shown in the box.
  • – Streams: Show the profile stream or not
  • – Header: Show the header “Find us on Facebook” or not.

After setting your own parameters, you need to put a block for the box somewhere on a CMS page:

{{block name="fbfanbox" template="fbfanbox/fbfanbox.phtml"}}That's all. Refresh your front page and see the result.

(I’m using this extension for the homepage of Magestore, you may view for reference www.magestore.com)

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  1. Hi,
    Can you please let me know how I could show the fan box in the left hand column of the homepage?

    what code should I use to include this in the “left_col.phtml”


  2. it just don’t work. no error mesage just nothing is displayed. I have already spent several hours trying.

  3. Magento
    Ubuntu 10.0.4


    I have installed the Fbfanbox Extension and can see it at Admin/Advanced/Magestore_Fbfanbox and have “Enabled” the extension.

    However I cannot see the Fbfanbox Extension anywhere else in Admin/Configuration, so I cannot setup the Extension correctly.

    Where should it appear? General? Web? Design? Catalog? Advanced? at the very bottom of the list?

    Please be more specific in your installation instructions

    I have flushed /var/cache many times and cleared and refreshed all caches using Admin and have checked permissions.

    Also, I have inserted your html code into the CMS Home Page “Content” and I have an ID code from Facebook.

    Hope you can help.



  4. It works in Magento 1.4 (Magestore is 1.4). Travis had a small error, you should use following code to paste in your CMS page:
    {{block name=”fbfanbox” type=”fbfanbox/fbfanbox” template=”fbfanbox/fbfanbox.phtml”}}

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