In order to continue Magento Tutorial this week, I will lead you to Magento directory structure. Please follow it carefully!
Magento is built based on the principle of object-oriented programming with MVC architecture. The code system of Magento is saved in the form of dispersions so as to increase extension ability for the system. The directory structure is stored as the followings…

You must have heard the hottest news in Magento Community: Magento Certificate exam! Don’t miss the huge and comprehensive resource of Magento brought you by us. Keep your eyes on our Blog every Friday for the latest posts. We will cover the whole 10 content areas which are in the Magento test form, started with the first chapter Basics this week

As an industry partner of Magento, we want to share some magento resources that may helpful for you.
please take advantage of the following resources for you and your implementation team to leverage as you get up-to-speed with Magento.

You know, live chat is one of the most important tool for selling online. Without it, you can still live, maybe. But with it, you will live better, sell more and get more money. There are lots of live chat software to integrate to your website. But I prefer and suggest Livezilla. Why? Well, It’s free and provide almost what we need.

Lots of our customers ask how to integrate this software to Magento. It’s quite simple. Following this article will help you do this, not only Magento but other shopping cart. Let’s go!!!

Some days ago, I worked on a project which has many URLs linked to static content page. These URLs are shown in main menu. As you know, in main menu are categories. Normally, almost developers add these URLs directly to the phtml file. But I will show you how to do it by another way which is using category 😉

Therefore, you can use each category for one static content page. Yeah, follow me!!!