Omnichannel has become a solution used by many businesses of all sizes to boost their sales. And small businesses are also not out of the race. Want to survive, forced to catch up the trend.

So to get started with the Omnichannel business model, we have first to choose the reputable Omnichannel solution providers. Do not worry if you still have not found the “light at the end of the tunnel“, let’s follow these parts below:


Part 1

Small Business is Struggling With Difficulties

Before founding a reliable supplier to help your firm, small businesses need to understand, what difficulties are encountered with the sales system? What is necessary? What are your customers? And what do they want?

small businesses faces overcome challenges

Small businesses face hundreds of thousands of questions each day, from managing a large volume of data to finding the tactics to build a business process into a one, smoothly and seamless system.

For the sake of simplicity, I would like to provide you the following questions and suggestions on the issues that businesses, especially small businesses, have faced:

  • Which solution helps to aggregate all sales data across all channels in one place?
  • Is it possible to synchronize store’s products with e-commerce platforms?
  • Every day, I am spending a lot of time synthesizing data to manage. Is there a solution that helps me synchronize the data?
  • I want customers to come to my store to get the goods to save their transportation time, whether it is possible to mix between online and offline or not?
  • Which solution provides accurate inventory data, quantity exported, inventory …?
  • I want to accumulate points for customers whether they shop online or at the store. How can the retailer do that?
  • I do not know if any solution will take advantage of my existing software system.

In summary:

Businesses need

  • Sell multi-channel products
  • Sales data synchronization
  • Manage the quantity of goods
  • Point accumulation feature (enhance customer loyalty)
  • Operational system compatibility

And solution

  • Multi-channel synthesis solution
  • Data synchronization solution
  • A solution for managing the quantity of goods
  • Earn points for customers
  • Extended API system

The answer is an Omnichannel solution!

These are the difficulties, as well as some of the bottlenecks that small businesses are having. Thankfully Omnichannel has appeared as a rescue solution for business retailers. Small enterprises that desire to master the market, as well as increase revenue, they need an Omnichannel solution to help their system as a “must”.


Part 2

8 Steps To Choose A Good Omnichannel Provider

There are many Omnichannel solution providers supply multichannel sales management solutions. However, to choose the right provider for the company, businesses need to pay attention to more factors other than price. Here are 8 steps to help businesses find the reliable Omnichannel provider:

8 steps to choose a good Omnichannel provider


Step 1: Research software information

  • Profession Matching: Find out the suitability of the software
  • Implementation model: Understand different deployment models (Web/Application …)
  • Cost: Having a concept of the cost of software

Step 2: Set Priorities for Requirements

  • Defining challenges: Identifying issues to handle
  • Ideal system: Demand the requirements of an ideal system
  • Collect feedback: Have colleagues review requests and receive feedback from them.
  • Priority: List in order of priority, from “Must have” to “Not really necessary”

Step 3: Shorten Vendor List

  • Which system suits your model and scale of your business?
  • Which system meets the most important requirements?
  • Which system is within your estimated budget?
  • Choose the 3 most suitable suppliers to work on.

Step 4: Explain the Project

  • Share your request priority list for providers
  • Provide detailed information about the process & expected time.
  • Explain your expectations to the vendor during the selection process.

Step 5: Evaluate the Software Demo

  • Demo scenario: Prepare a short script for the demo session and send it to the vendor
  • Correct audience: Invite the right audience in your company to attend the demo
  • Scorecard: Use the scorecard to aggregate your ratings
  • Get feedback: Join your entire team after each demo to get feedback.

Step 6: Grade and Rate Software

  • Ease of use: Rate software by the ease of use
  • Appropriate Features: Rate the software according to the level that suits your requirements
  • Must-have feature: Eliminate the type of provider does not have these features
  • Transactional Process: Consider handling the vendor’s problem in the process of working between the parties
  • Demo details: Contact the 2 most suitable suppliers for the detailed demo

Step 7: Compare Quotations

Compare, view the prices of versions of solutions, software

Step 8: Check the Capacity & Experience of the Supplier

  • See years of experience in the field, as well as completed projects.
  • Financial capacity of suppliers: Is the financial situation of suppliers stable?
  • Request reference: Request to refer to 2 companies like your business model.

Part 3

List of Omnichannel Reputable Providers

If you’re still wondering, here are some of the best Omnichannel solution providers you can choose from.

1. Contalog

The Omnichannel eCommerce solution is for consumers and buyers to buy what they want, where they want, when they want and how they want it.

Contalog is a SAAS-based multichannel commercial solution developed by Contus, a Chennai-based SMAC company.

By providing an Omni Channel Digital Commerce Platform for all business, it is expected to maximize selling opportunities via the enterprise-ready multi-sales channel. And then it also helps to upgrade their conventional sales tactics and digitalize them by selling products in digital sales channels like eCommerce store, online marketplace, mobile commerce application, ordering portals etc.

Main features:

  • Inventory management.
  • Order management.
  • eCommerce software.
  • Mobile commerce.
  • Field sales app.
  • Instore experience.
  • B2B commerce store.
  • Product info management.
  • Digital catalog

2. GoECart

GoECart is the world’s leading provider of fully integrated, on-demand eCommerce solutions-powered by exceptional technology.

GoECart is one of a number of multichannel eCommerce solutions that combine the online and offline sales of a business. Goecart also offers a unified eCommerce suite that combines award-winning ecommerce storefront technology such as enterprise-class order and inventory management, fulfillment and warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM), and order processing systems to take care of management tasks related to the Omnichannel approach, mainly to fulfill orders.

3. Orckestra

Orckestra’s solutions that unifies different selling channels of businesses into one are packaged under several names which are Native Omni-Channel Experiences, Unified Commerce Operations, Commerce Orchestration Services, Commerce Business Modeling and Commerce Cloud. Using this omni channel ecommerce software, brands can build their own omni-channel connection.

4. FISHa

Established in 2012, FISHa is a leading development company for e-commerce B2B & B2C platforms and  integrations for complex e-Commerce systems with a focus on developing customer focused development, customized solution and the ability to Integrate to ERP systems, CRM Epayment and cash registers.

They are a certified Magento systems and various eCommerce solutions such as Drupal, WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop and BigCommerce.

All their solutions are customized and responsive solutions for mobile for a wide range of local and international customers in the fields of Fashion, Finance and Retail consumer goods.

Let’s boost your online sales with Fisha Omnichannel targeted at retail, fashion, grocery and financial sectors focusing on driving sales and uncompromising quality.`

5. 247commerce

Omnichannel Commerce Specialists focused in helping Brands , Retailers and Wholesalers to increase sales through end to end integration with multiple marketplaces and systems.

What make them worth to stand in this list:

  • They are the only UK Magento Business Solution Partner coupled with our own e-commerce multichannel marketplace solution.
  • They specialise in bespoke integrations aimed at driving sales and operational efficiency.
  • They work with leading technology partners to help you grow your business quickly and at scale.
  • They offer on-site visits as part of their enterprise e-commerce consultancy.
  • From Adwords to Social Media everything is at the touch of your fingertips, we provide a unique end-to-end service.

247 CloudHub is their multichannel e-commerce platform  designed with the multichannel eCommerce retailer in mind. Listing and managing your Magento website, eBay, Amazon and many other channels can become a breeze.

6. Magestore

Magestore is also one of the leading Omnichannel providers for Magento retailers. This will be a worthy choice for small businesses.

Magestore - best omnichannel solution provider


  • 8-year experience in Magento
  • Magento Extension Builder Partner
  • 70,000+ worldwide customers
  • Complete Online-to-Offline solution
  • Highly invested Partnerships

Magestore hopes to become a reputable and reliable supplier.

It can be seen that Omnichannel solution software, not only focus on buyers to increase sales but also bring benefits to retailers. That’s why Magestore is focused on developing software management areas.

Omnichannel Solution is a suite of Magestore products designed to help retailers solve most of the issues associated with implementing a multi-channel sales solution. Visit the official website from the developer to find out more about the product.

Some last words…

Even if you find a competitor using a successful retail management software, this does not mean that the software will suit your business. Inappropriate software investment will lead to waste of time, personnel and money than if you did not invest.

Therefore, sometimes looking for reputable suppliers who will consult and advise you to choose and implement the best solution that suits your business model is a vital perspective. Choosing to follow these 8 steps above or selecting some of the reliable Omnichannel providers depends on your choice. But remember that there’s one reason to do it: This is the glorious success of your own in the retail industry.  

Last but not least, don’t let it just be a dream, be a captain and master the eCommerce now!


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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