Omnichannel Customer Service
Empowered customers demand a seamless experience

Customer service is an outstanding component in determining the success of any business. Today, the technology trend is changing, while the demands of customers are increasingly high. Thus, anticipating and embracing the Omnichannel trend will help you get the best preparation to implement them in practice, which can subserve the quality of service for your business.

omnichannel customer service

1. What is Omnichannel Customer Service?


In the most general sense, customer care (or customer service) is all the thing businesses do to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer. That means serving the way customers want to be served and fulfill the things customers demand to keep them happy.

Today’s competition is not just about competing on the products the company makes at its factory, but on the services that contribute to making the complete product. One of those services is to do well customer care.

It is wrong to assume that with a bad product or service having good customer care retains customers. There are three key factors that drive customer satisfaction:

– Human

– Product elements

– The convenience point

To meet those needs, the Omnichannel solution syncs data into a single channel, helping to unleash the Omnichannel Customer Service concept as the trend for 2018. And Contact Center is also an effective system in the field of care and customer satisfaction today.


What is Omnichannel Contact Center?

The Omnichannel Contact Center is a unified information system that connects customers with the customer service staff at the right time. What does this mean? In fact, the concept of a contact center is about whether a business can manage a large number of customer relationships via phone, company website, chat, email or instant messenger, even video calls.

omnichannel contact center

But the requirement is how to manage such a large amount of information from multiple channels. And the Omnichannel Contact Center or Omnichannel Customer Service is here, willing to blow your mess. All data is linked in a consistent way, helping you to serve customers in the best condition.

2. Why we need an Omnichannel Customer Service?

Some highly desirable Customer Service trends:

The Omnichannel rapidly becomes the main trend

Omnichannel will replace the multi-channel position. A perfect multichannel strategy is not just done on a variety of channels, but on separate channels that must work together very closely.

In a simple way, with multi-channel, customers can use multiple channels to reach the support they need. But with omnichannel, the customer service channels are different but not separated. Instead, they act as touch points on a single channel, giving customers a seamless, efficient experience between devices and platforms.

Moreover, unlike traditional customer care solutions, Omnichannel Customer Service model will help to support more functionality for your business.

According to Walker report, by 2020, phones and emails are no longer enough to provide a good customer service. Link channels will gradually move to online, and communication with customers through these channels will account for up to 60%.

omnichannel customer service model

Whereas the Omnichannel platform, it allows your employees to use many channels to communicate with customers such as chat, email, facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, twitter, skype, etc. Especially, huge amounts of data will be stored in one place. “What a great solution!” – you would say. That really has nice perspectives like saving time, effort, as well as money. The important issue is to help you serve customers better than ever.

… Plus, the Omnichannel platform also provides a contact center features

Why is a contact center important to a business?

In fact, Contact Center will help businesses improve their image and increase customer loyalty by answering their questions almost immediately. In addition, it also helps businesses to operate more efficiently as they improve the quality of customer service and reduce operating costs.

customer service quality

Today’s Contact Center technologies help reduce operating costs for businesses by streamlining the steps in business processes. First, retailers do not cost communication, conversation for third parties. Secondly, retail businesses can provide complete and accurate information to their employees and customers. Finally, businesses will manage both missed calls, delayed calls and then actively contact the customer, so they will not miss a customer who comes to the company.

Contact Center can be considered an “all-in-one” solution for managing incoming and outgoing traffic. In addition, employees can easily take care of their customers even if they are not at the company.

In summary, the main benefits of adopting the Omnichannel Customer Service are as follows:

  • A solution for every business, create a collaborative work environment.
  • Centralized management.
  • Manage customer information easily, quickly, accurately.
  • Cut down, saving time management. Enhance work efficiency.
  • Increased coordination between departments (Marketing and Customer Care).
  • Improve your competition with competitors.
  • Increased service
  • Sales increase
  • Build a strong brand and development.

3. The challenges

Maybe your business has suffered the following mistakes:

For employees, they cannot

  • Understand customer information.
  • Note, timer or forget advice for customers.
  • Take care of customers in a timely manner as needed.
  • Provide new information to customers, etc

Having lost your contract with your customers does not only affect your sales but also the reputation of your business.

For managers, they cannot

  • Provides the best tools to help your employees work most effectively.
  • Know what your employees are doing? Do customers get good care?
  • Distinguish priority or potential customers.

Specially, the following difficulties:

Out-of-date Customer information

Lots of customers complain that companies should have up-to-date information on them, regardless of the channels they use.

58% of customers said they had low expectations of customer care. Without the Omnichannel platform for your service, it’s hard to focus on a huge source of information on your customers.

Difficult to track data between channels

43% of customers felt that the service was heterogeneous no matter what channel they were using.

The management of data between channels is also an obstacle. It’s difficult to keep track of conversations, as you constantly switch between applications

When there is no synchronization between your media platforms, the information is lost and you waste a lot of time looking for it. To provide the best customer service, data will flow seamlessly from customer to sales or support team, through your company and vice versa, while always fit and accessible at any time.

Not enough for customer demands

According to a survey, up to 80% of customers feel the business needs a major change in the way they provide customer service. The Older forms are not enough and will be “outdated” if we do not change.

=> Therefore, the Solution is:

omnichannel cs

Omnichannel customer service or Omnichannel contact center will help businesses win the challenges and raise the customer’s loyalty.

5. How to implement Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy

Here are 5 steps to implement the Omnichannel Customer Service

1. Strategy development

Application demand comes from the goal that company really wants to build a good relationship with its customers and enhance its potential customers as well.

However, to work really effectively, it is necessary to develop a plan to work with the Omnichannel platform in a reasonable manner. The prerequisite is to make sure the customer information is “clean” in the system. Commonly, the strategy should begin with employee training because employees are always the core ingredient to create the vitality of every running system in the enterprise.

Training will help every staff, especially the sales and customer care department, see the importance of the system and have a sense of “living” with them. In addition, the strategy should come from the business direction on customers. Specifically, retail business wants to be positioned in the minds of customers, in the marketplace, among other competitors…

2. Choose the solution

Besides determining the management needs of your business, it should consider a lot of factors such as qualifications, skills of employees (corresponding solution), prices to match the financial ability of enterprise. However, as said before, the solution options should be based on clear objectives and needs of the business.

3. Need to maintain consistency across channels – Integrate all communication with customers into the one system

To maximize the value of the Omnichannel solution, all communications with customers, including sales, marketing, customer service, … need to be fully integrated and standardized.

Integrating communication with customers is most effective when every employee in the company interacts with existing customers and potential customers alike.

4. Listen and thoroughly understand the customer

Time is gold. And the quick response of salespeople to every question, customer demand will bring great advantages. Do not let customers wait, but focus on processing the information provided. With business, customers are always number one priority.

customer success

Furthermore, understanding is the core principle in the field of human-to-human communication, which is the key success in an effective communication. If you want to influence someone, the first thing you need to understand that person.

  • Some methods can help to understand the customer:
  • Texting, calling and receiving customer feedback;
  • Listen to customer feedback through social networking;
  • Distribute the survey with gifts;
  • Communicate openly with customers about products and services of the business after the customer has purchased.

5. Constantly optimizing the system

The analysis is very important for the development of customer conquest. Detailed reports can provide insights into what has been and is not done in building customer relationships and the effectiveness of departmental coordination within the company.

Identifying and analyzing trends affecting business profits helps keep customers, leads, marketing, and other business operations more efficient. Focus on the important influences on your business and the part of your company that is capable of delivering the best value to your customers.

In closing…

Customer service is a great section to look forward to in 2018. Businesses have so many options to step by step make the customer experience easier and more enjoyable. Then, an Omnichannel solution is the true answer to win your customer’s heart, right?

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