Today the boom of technology are becoming more and more enormous. Shopping trend is now moving to E-commerce and thanks to that fact, we don’t need to move an inch to buy our products. However as everything never be perfect, we want an immediate support when problems occur. That’s why 72% of modern online customers prefer having self-service to fix their issues. Self-service becomes a criteria of competition edge. Who possess a better online self-service will have more satisfied customers – and many things will come along with, such as increasing brand awareness, keeping loyalty customer as well as improving the profits. This is truly the new century of online E-commerce self-service.

Thanks to online self-service software solutions like Magento 2 FAQ extension which have been more popular now; the development of online customer self service solutions have been more efficient and essential. We can imply that online customer self-service solutions are aimed at providing customers with their wanted information, for example, giving them the option to understand transaction queries, the shipping methods or the payment policy.

So begin a new century of online E-commerce self-service

In 2015, the customer self-service develops better as according to Google Insight, the one-way participation in content will reduce to under 20%. Now the customers gain more control over the content they want.

More people are using mobile to surf the Internet and enjoy the E-commerce as the number of mobile social network users in USA will grow from 58.5% in 2012 to a new impressive 79.1% by 2015. They spend more than 50% their precious dollars in online business for retail.

About 43% gaining in performance for companies which highly think of customer care, while those neglected it suffers from decreasing 33.9%.

63% of global workers are not engaged, and employee engagement will make a positive impact on customer satisfaction in Gallop survey.

Gallop survey about self-service

The importance of customer self-service

As we referred in the previous topic, acquiring a new customer cost more than 7 times keeping the existing one. The statistic show that:

_ 89% of customers who experience poor customer service make their next purchase from the competitors.

_ 4% dissatisfied customers make complaints, otherwise 96% just leave without saying a word.

_ 31% customers say that companies do not meet their expectation for customer services.

_ 62% of US customers decided to switch brand in the last year.

And it costs United States of America almost 81 billion dollars each year due to poor customer service, and 12 billion pounds for United Kingdom. However, the only solution for all these demises is improving customer service, as in research:

_ Accenture shows that First contact solution will save 70% of customers to stay in your brand. Reduce the steps to solve your customers’ problem to one, and solve it as soon as possible.

_ Marketing Metrics indicates that The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70% but the probability of selling to a new prospect is just only 5 to 20%.

_ White House Office of Consumer Affairs tells that a typical dissatisfied customer will tell from 9 to 15 people about their experience.

_ Defaqto research shows that 55% of customers would pay extra to guarantee a better service.

So customer service is the best thing you can offer for your customers. Never underestimate the importance of them and you will claim the top in the new century of online E-commerce self-service.

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