Shipping is a very essential part of every eCommerce business. To provide your customers with an effective and timely shipping strategy, you can use several Magento extension. Finding the right extension for your store can prove to be overwhelming. Thus, in this post, we have listed top 10 Magento shipping extensions which will help you enhance Magento shipping methods and rules.

Using these, you can calculate shipping rates, detect customer’s location and adjust shipping. Besides, you can also create shipping restrictions based on any attribute or build a dropshipping strategy and more.

1. Product Matrix Shipping Extension

Provider ShipperHQ
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 1
Price $380

This Magento shipping module gives you the flexibility to calculate shipping rates based on your business needs. You can define your shipping rates using any combination of destination, price, quantity, weight and customer group rules. It enables you to create shipping groups to categorize your products and define shipping rates. With this Magento shipping extension, you can tailor your shipping rules to suit your unique product set and customer base. This is one of the most popular rates extensions for Magento stores worldwide.

Here are main features of Product Matrix:

  • The flexible multiple table rates extension
  • Easy customization for shipping rates based on any combination of destination, product, subtotal, quantity, weight or customer group (e.g. wholesalers) rules
  • Create “shipping groups” to define shipping rates for different product types
  • Calculate shipping as a percentage of cart subtotal
  • Vary the shipping options displayed to the customer according to the products in the cart
  • Support for tax inclusive prices

magento shipping extensions

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2. Store Pickup Module

Provider Magestore
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2
Price contact

Store Pickup method is the best way to create a win-win situation for both store and customers. It’s definitely Buy online – Pickup in store. Use Store Pickup module lets customers select their preferred store to pick up orders without paying shipment fee. Just click and connect to their favorite store for their favorite products. It’s a much more convenient shopping experience for both eCommerce and physical store. Several Store Pickup module is well-integrated with Magento POS to make your customers happy with free shipping fee.

Here are main features of Magento Store Pickup:

  • Create many stores, set addresses and opening time for each store
  • Customers can select nearest stores at appropriate time
  • Connect to Google map to locate store’s address
  • Integrate with payment methods
  • View details of a selected store

magento shipping extensions

3. Magento Shipping Suite

Provider MageWorx
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2
Price $299

The module is capable of overwriting shipping rates set by such shipping provider as UPS, DHL, FedEx or any other local provider you use. With this Magento extension, you can automatically detect customer’s location (using MaxMind technology) and adjust shipping accordingly.
Also, with Magento Shipping Suite Extension you can add your own new shipping method and easily configure it to suit your business needs.

Here are main features of Magento Shipping Suite extension:

  • Creating shipping zones
  • Assigning shipping zones to products, categories and shipping methods
  • Auto customer location detection
  • Setting flexible Magento shipping rules and restrictions
  • Accurate Magento shipping rates
  • Overwriting and re-calculating the rates set by popular shipping providers
  • Adding custom shipping method and Shipping Cost Calculator

magento shipping extensions

4. Shipping Restrictions

Provider Amasty
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2
Price $159

This Magento Shipping extension enables you to restrict particular shipping methods or block whole carriers by a variety of flexible condition combinations such as product names, brand, country, in fact, any attributes. You are allowed to put shipping restrictions based on customer group, weight, order total and other shipping parameters.

Here are main features of Magento Shipping Restrictions:

  • Block separate shipping methods or whole carriers.
  • Create shipping restrictions based on an address line, shipping country or region.
  • Restrict shipping methods by product and customer attributes.
  • Limit shipping by cart subtotal, items quantity or weight.
  • Restrict delivery on particular weekdays and time.
  • Create coupons to trigger shipping restrictions application.

5. Shipping Rules

Provider Amasty
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2
Price $189

Magento Shipping Rules allows you to modify live shipping rates: deduct, surcharge or override rates, provided by carriers. With this extension, you can generate multiple shipping rules to recalculate and overwrite rates by popular shipping carriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx and many others.

Here are main features of Magento Shipping Rules:

  • Shipping rules based on order, product and customer attributes
  • Modify rates both for the whole cart and a single product
  • Set up shipping based on customer groups and store views
  • Change delivery prices both by the flat amount and by percent
  • Provide correct rates for LTL freights

magento shipping extensions

6. Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

Provider Webkul
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2
Price $199

Table Rate Shipping is a Marketplace Add-on for Magento. It lets you create custom shipping methods for your customers. With this extension, you can upload a CSV file or enter the shipping details-region, zip code, price, weight directly. The shipping rates will be calculated using product weight, region, country, state, postal code and many other options. This module is used for order confirmation, tracking number from seller and print invoice & shipment slip.

Here are main features of Marketplace Table Rate Shipping:

  • Completely dynamic order confirmation with tracking code
  • Work efficiently with almost all Magento versions
  • Buyer will receive notifications from the seller when seller ship the product
  • Shipping – freight price calculating based on CSV entered by seller/vendor
  • Invoice print management from both seller and vendor panel
  • Tracking ID management from vendor panel

magento shipping extensions

7. Shipping Table Rates

Provider Amasty
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2
Price $199

Shipping Table Rates is a feature-rich module. This Magento shipping module is developed to help you easily generate custom table rates and enhance the whole shipping management process. Shipping Table Rates enables you to create an unlimited number of shipping methods: multiple flat rates, table rates, etc. Besides, you also can calculate shipping costs based on combinations of address, weight, price, and quantity. Easily import rates using a CSV file or edit them manually.

Here are main features of Shipping Table Rates

  • Specific dates for a product or a group of products
  • Rates based on product type, e.g. for extra large, toxic items
  • Flat and percent rates; quantity and weight-based rates, etc.
  • Import and manual editing of shipping rates
  • Show estimated delivery dates
  • Full support of Magento discount functionality

8. Multi Flat Rate Shipping Per Product

Provider M-Connect
Edition CE
Compatible with Magento 1
Price $99

This Magento product shipment module enables you to set up the specific flat rate and calculate flat rate shipping per product. You can also manage custom shipping cost for worldwide or selected country. There are two method types – per order which will calculate the shipping based on Max / Min configuration and per item that will calculate the shipping price per product on cart page.

Here are main features of this Magento shipping extension:

  • Set up specific flat rate and expedite flat rate shipping for all products in your product catalog.
  • Set up default shipping flat rate and expedite flat rate per product. It is applied to all products where shipping rate is not defined (left blank for a particular product).
  • Set up individual flat rate and expedite flat rate shipping for each product.
  • Allow these shipping methods for specific countries.
  • Compatible with Bundle products, Configurable products, and other product types.
  • Display error message functionality where a method is not applicable.

magento shipping extensions

9. Shipping Costs Based on Distance

Provider MagModules
Edition CE
Compatible with Magento 1
Price $65

This Magento shipping extension will help you calculate the exact shipping price based on the distance from store fast & automatically, using the Google Maps API. Just need to enter the shipping rate, your address and a maximum or minimum, a new shipping method is made for you. Shipping Costs Based on Distance extension is perfect when you have to deliver some big things!

Here are main features of Magento Shipping Costs Based on Distance

  • Enter a maximum distance to disable the extension as soon as the distance exceeds your maximum
    Calculate your own shipping cost, choose between a fixed price or per metric
    – Enter a start price
    – Price per kilometer or mile
    – Minimum price
    – Maximum price
    – You can round off the price to decimals, hundreds and thousands!
  • Uses the default currency
  • You can enter multiple ranges with different metric prices
  • Select the shipping method for applicable countries
  • Use with unlimited store views
  • Onestepcheckout compatibility
  • You can use the extensions with unlimited products and customers
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Set a Google Maps API whenever you have more requests then 2.500 per day
  • Works Worldwide!

magento shipping extensions

10. Drop-shipping Module

Provider Magestore
Edition CE & EE
Compatible with Magento 2
Price contact

Drop-shipping is a special fulfillment method in which you don’t keep goods in stock. Instead, you transfer customer’s orders to the wholesaler or manufacturer, who delivers goods directly to customers. However, with this drop-shipping fulfillment method, you have to work with other merchants and so, you need a robust inventory management system that allows you to manage your stock from multiple warehouses.
Magento drop-shipping module enables you to simplify the process of sending and managing Magento dropshipping requests to suppliers. Get the simplest Dropship process ever within only 3 steps while keeping track of its status via notification emails. Magento Dropship is proven to be a helpful function to enhance any Magento order fulfillment process by having suppliers ship products to customers directly, cutting a lot of waiting time and satisfying shoppers.

Here are main features of Drop-shipping:

  • The simplest Dropship process ever (3 steps only)
  • Suppliers can create a shipment, cancel request right on the frontend
  • Keep track of Dropship process via notification emails
  • Comprehensive order listing pages both in admin and supplier view

magento shipping extensions

What’s next?

Getting a Magento shipping extension is only the first step to becoming a multichannel retailer. It is important to plan, understand your goals and work towards the most cost-effective shipping. If the shipping costs are too high, you can lose potential customers. Provide your customers with flexible shipping options is the best way to help your store reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts. Besides, another big challenge for eCommerce retailers is inventory management. Thus, it is necessary for you to handle it and make the entire process perfect.

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It’s never too early to prepare for:
Unavoidable Inventory Management Challenges

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  • Estimate when you need more stock
  • Learn to quickly get rid of deadstock
  • Stock-take/ audit in an effective way
  • Organize your stock & warehouse for less mistakes
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