Magento Navigation Menu is the first thing web developer looking for when they start to build a website, it’s even more important if that website is used for business purpose.

I have tried a number of Navigation menu product. First of all my comment is you absolutely don’t use Default Magento platform menu if you are starting an online store. It is very simple and can’t help you to build your web-store as the way you want.

Go on Magento Connect and search for the word “Mega Menu Extension” you can find a large number of Magento Navigation Menu version from a lot of producers. This post I will give some reviews and comparisons about two of the most popular premium products: Mega menu of Magestore and Mirasvit, these extensions also have the same price.

I will compare two of them in 3 criteria I personally think they are the most important for an excellent menu extension.

  1. Features.

feature comparison

That is the highlight feature of each Navigation menu product. The two products have all the basic feature that a Mega product must have. And, with the money you spend for, they of course have some upgrades.

Magestore product, without the basic features, has a few more features than the Mirasvit one. Such as, it has more types of menu for you to choose, really helpful if your store has many kinds of products. It also support some menu effects, make your web more lively and eye-catching, the reason make customers stay on your store longer. And the most impressing feature I see, Magestore Mega Menu offer mobile responsive menu, do you know how much important to have a mobile version of your web-store nowaday?

You maybe want to put your attention here. The mobile responsive menu is the feature that give your website the ability to change to another template when customers access through mobile.

In 2015, mobile commerce is now 30% of all U.S. e-commerce, and of course, it will keep increasing in the future. You can see mobile e-commerce will become so popular in near future, and right now you can’t miss it.

Find out the detail in here:

Therefore, in this criteria, Magestore product take the advantages.

  1. The frontend.

As I say, Magestore version has more types of menu for you to choose for each menu item. That number of types is 8 while Mirasvit has only 2. This is also one of the disadvantages of Mirasvit product, a website without eye-catching and diverse templates can’t attract customers.

This is an example of each product:magestore mega menu frontend

Mega menu of Magestoremirasvit mega menu front end

Mega Menu of Mirasvit

In this kind of criteria, I still give a vote for Magestore product.

You can find more about Menu types here:

  1. Backend.

The final criteria I choose to compare two products.

This is where you configure the Mega menu to get the front end like above.Mirasvit Mega menu backend

Mirasvit Mega Menu BackendMagestore Mega menu backend

Magestore Mega Menu Backend

Mirasvit Mega Menu Backend: Almost all the configurations are in just one page. Add, del the items at the left of the desktop and you can customize at the right of the desktop. This is more convenient for the store owners, especially who don’t know much about technical.

Magestore Mega Menu Backend: With a lot of features and menu types, Magestore backend is a little more complicated. However, the sections of configuration are not too difficult to understand. Plus, if you are not good at technical, you always can ask the Magestore Technical Team for help.

At this criteria, Mirasvit Mega Menu will receive my vote. Because of its simple and quick configuration.

In conclusion, I hope my review can be helpful when you start to build your web-store. For the stores which need a lot of attraction from customers, I think Magestore Mega Menu can be a good choice. Other store owners who want simple design could choose Mirasvit version.

In case you want to try these extensions:


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