Magento blog interview magento gift card user: Jeroen owner of Innsbruck“The rich set of features, the price, the demo version and the support helped us to choose Magestore’s Magento Gift Card extension.”

Jeroen, the developer of

Welcome to Magento blog! If you are finding a tool to boost your sales, Magento Gift Card extension is a good choice. This module helps you create gift cards which can be used as vouchers attached with messages. They will be meaningful gifts for customers’ friends and themselves. Our Magento Gift Card module has gained much recognition. In order to provide you an overview of this product, we invite you to our interview with Mr. Jeroen, the developer of It is one of the websites using this Magento extension.

Q: Thank you very much for accepting our interview invitation, Jeroen. Could you please introduce a little about to everyone?

A: Innsbruck is called the capital of the Austrian Alps. With our client Innsbruck Tourism wants to distribute merchandising articles of the town and the surrounding villages.

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Q: So, how did you know Magestore extension?

A: We were searching for a professional gift card extension for Magento. Our search brought us to Magestore.

Q: Could you share with us why you decided to run our Magento Gift Card?

A: Well, our client needed a gift cart extension for Magento. We were convinced by the features of your Magento Gift Card extension.

Q: Why did you select our Magento Gift Card among many other Magento Gift Card extensions from other providers?

A: The rich set of features, the price, the demo version and the support helped us to choose Magestore extension.

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Q: I guess that Magento Gift Card brought some benefits to your Online business. Could you tell something about that?

A: Our client just launched but we’re sure to increase the sales in short time.

Q: How about Magestore’s supporters?

A: Yeah, the support was very helpful and mostly solved the tiny issues we had overnight.

Q: The last question, any suggestion do you want to make for Magento Gift Card extension?

A: Magestore’s Gift Card extension perfectly fulfills our requirements and with their great support we had no hassle at all!

Thank you very much for your sharing! Hope that Magento Gift Card extension will bring you prosperous business.


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  1. jonshan smith Reply

    Awesome Blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. This is truly a great read for me.

  2. Is there a way to change the look of the gift card printout? I can only add my logo, but I’d like to create more stylized design.
    If not, is that a feature you will be offering as an upgrade?

    • Hi Al, we’re sorry that the current version of Magento Gift card extension just supports that custom printout look. However, you can create your own stylized design by editing codes in pdf files in this folder app\code\local\Magestore\Giftvoucher\Model\Pdf. Hope that’s helpful! Best regards, Magestore

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