Rand Internet Marketing, named 1 of the Top 25 Web Design and Development firms in South Florida for 5 years in a row by the South Florida Business Journal, provides professional website design, development, and programming in addition to online marketing services to hundreds of national and South Florida-based businesses.

Recently, we have an interview with Robert, CTO of Rand Marketing as 1 of our partners with Top Contribution.


Could you please tell us about Rand Marketing? Which aspect do your projects focus on?

Robert: Through the years, website designe-commerce website developmentsearch engine optimization, and pay-per-click management have been the cornerstones of our firm. These services have also included related specialties such as logo design,  graphic designmobile site development, and various other design, development, consultation, and marketing solutions.

We deal with all of the traditional marketing. We are Google AdWords Premier Partner, on top 3% of Google Partner all over the world. We work with other paid advertising and also use organic search engines and are expert in SEO.

Besides, Rand Internet Marketing offers a full line of digital marketing services that includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, email marketing, and content marketing. We also help more traditional things in marketing like audio writing, press releases and other things we use today in digital marketing to help overall marketing.

You know, we are one of the fastest growing tech companies certainly in our region, in USA. We are going to play a bigger role in general. We are proud of our growth.


So, what makes you outstanding over other competitors offering Magento services?

Robert: Our clients are in very direct relationship with our team. We can understand them and businesses are really well-understood. What they make unique, what their goals are to make recommendation that plays a cohesive role.

We have different clients coming for marketing campaign and website development. Some customers already launched their website and want to help grow their website. We provide unique services, create plans that fit for a wide range of companies. We also work with quite many types of business: retailers, wholesaler, manufacturers and other business in US-based market or other English speaking markets with staff who can speak Spanish and Portuguese.


What are the 3 most important criteria that you will consider when choosing extensions?

Robert: The first thing we look at is the team building up and maintaining extensions.

We want this team to use best practices of coding to keep up with new versions of Magento with new security patches. And this is important to us when we recommend extensions that we can trust and that can continue to keep up with ecosystem.

Also, certainly look at the reviews of the particular extensions in relation to the features that exactly how strong it is, how it meets the required criteria.

Third, we also look at the popularity of the extension, whether they are used a lot.

In short, the criteria are the supporting team behind the extensions, the reviews of extensions about their features, functionality and their overall popularity.


To what extent does Magestore meet your criteria as a partner?

Robert: We are working with great partners. It’s interesting to work with Magestore. Our company has worked with Magestore for over 6 years. For us, we always have higher reliability on Magestore’s extensions, not just in having them worked. We understand that when we use extensions for different websites, sometimes it appears to have conflicts but Magestore team is able to provide good support. With all of that, we highly recommend Magestore’s extensions.


Which extensions do you often buy from Magestore and the reason why?

Robert: There are 2 extensions we used the most.

The first one is Megamenu. It is a custom menu in Magento. It allows the merchants to be able to manage all from Magento backend. It’s very powerful, especially for responsiveness. We are very happy with that extension.

We also use your Gift card extension repeatedly. We use it a lot. We found it strong extension. Your team is able to collaborate and we are able to allow our customers to sell gifts cards online and offline. It’s a powerful system.

These are the 2 top extensions that are mostly used by our clients.


Can you share about one of your favorite projects in which you use Magestore’s extensions?

Robert: “While we’ve been utilizing Magestore’s extensions for over 6 years, we’re glad to have used Magestore’s Gift Card and Promotional Gift extensions in the new https://store.corvettemuseum.org/ , which we just recently launched.”

- Robert Rand, CTO, RandMarketing.com

Let’s make a long-term relationship with Magestore in which both of us can maximize benefits right from today!

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