One Step Checkout is the hottest extension at Magestore with a lot of good reviews from customers. If you follow us you will realize that currently we got many interviews for One Step Checkout from our customers who used the extension.

Let’s see what case study we give you today 🙂

Meet Michel Van de Wiel at

Magento One Step Checkout


Michel Van de Wiel is a Developer and Project Manager at, an Advertising and Communication Agency in Netherlands, working in WordPress.






“Website development, social media and corporate identity development, nothing is foreign to us. We are also at home in making leaflets and brochures, signage, content and photography. Basically everything you need to let your company be successful, so! We help you invent concepts, making plans and its impact. All concerns about communication, graphics and text can be taken care of. So you can assure yourself of the best and most successful campaign, both inside and outside the world wide web.”

Magento One Step Checkout extension

And the client whose site he set up One Step Checkout extension for is Leather MasterLeather Master is designed for cleaning, protecting and repairing upholstery, clothing and other products made ​​of leather.

Why choosing Magestore One Step Checkout?

There are good reasons leading Michel Van de Wiel to decide to choose Magestore One Step Checkout extension. Are you curious? Let’s see!

Michel Van de Wiel introduced Magestore One Step Checkout extension for his client as according to his research, this is the best One Step Checkout extension on the Internet for a good price.

After helping his customer use this extension, he is really impressed with One Step Checkout for its 3-column layout that best fits for the theme and helps increase conversion rate. See how the checkout looks at Leather Master website: 

Magento One Step Checkout extension


Moreover, as clients reported, the sales results increases up to 40% after installing One Step Checkout compared with using default checkout of Magento. That’s great, right?

Optimize checkout page, why not?

To optimize and track the effectiveness of the checkout page, his client combines to use another tool named Hotjar that helps to record customer behaviors, heat maps, etc.

By using this, you can know where is the most eye-catching place and why your customers leave checkout page. Why not try it for your site?

Thanks Michel Van de Wiel for this interview. We will try our best to update and develop our extension to be better and better. If you still consider and want to get more details about One Step Checkout extension, take a look at the product page here


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  1. Dusan Mravlje Reply

    Does extension offer possibility to “break Magento curse”:
    Customer config: I set Gender & Date of birth as Required fields. Magento 2 itself will display those two if customer create account via “create account” action. but it will NOT display them on checkout page. On checkout/onepage/success/ confirmation command “create account for later use” will of-course produce error.
    what will your extension do in such case? Is it possible to put gender and DOB fields to checkout page or not?


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