You may tell me that it’s very simple to edit email templates in Magento. I agree 😉 . This post I just want to share with Magento beginners.

As you know, there are many emails which are sent to customers in Magento: order confirmation (guests, registered customers), order update, new account welcome email … First, let me tell you how to edit these email templates.

To do this, just go to your admin, then navigate to System => Transactional Emails

Now, click on Add New Template

You can find a form to edit template, in Template field, you can select an email template you want to edit, select the language for your store, click Load Template, you see the following screen:

Using default template and change text or image to what you want is the best way to do. After modifying, click Save Template. Now, you can find the template you just created.

Now, you need to change configuration to make system use this template instead of the default template. Open System => Configuration, click on tab Contacts. You can select new template for field Email Template in Email Options tab here:

For other email templates, you can do the same thing. Creating new template under System -> Transactional Emails and assign new template under System -> Configuration. You can find here some other emails configuration:

– Order emails: in tab Sales Emails => Order

– Under Customer configuration tab, open tab “New account options”, you can select templates which sent to customers when they register at your store or confirmation email. In tab “Password options”, you can select templates when customer want to get his password.

– Share wishlist email: under Wishlist menu, open Share options.

You can also edit your email as well as email template which you want to receive when customer send you a message from contact page. To do this, please go to Contacts menu on the left, and select Email options.

Well, I think this is quite enough, for other emails, you can find under System=>Configuration or simply give me a message.


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  1. Hello,

    I have a question?

    How can I make the emails:

    Order confirmation
    Credit Memo
    New Account, etc …

    Supported by different languages?
    When someone orders a product in French or German store view, Magento sends an email with the correct language when i use the default template!
    But when i create an email based on a Magento-template and just change my logo, mail, phonenr … Magento dos not translate the email anymore? Any Idea?


  2. Okay so this was the most clear explanation of this. Thank you so much. After working on this for a while I finally got the magento email template changed based on your directions! If only the rest of the directions on how to set up a website using magento was like yours!

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