It is likely that emails sent to customers after completing an order is often underestimated, even these emails could bring customers some pleased experiences of your brand, along with the products. Besides the main purpose of these email is to inform customers, they are another channel to communicate with customers and increase your brand awareness. Don’t use the default format of Magento or something, you can change the email format and make it really speaks to your brand. 

In the search of how to make the most out of Magento Web POS, have you figure out the way to send customers prompt emails after each phrase of order processing, eg. when your sale staffs place order successfully, send an invoice to customers, ship an order, or completely issue a refund?

After your sale staff place order successfully, the order status is pending. The status changes to processing when you complete a shipment and send an invoice to customers. Then it is closed after you create a refund. You go to your Magento backend/ System/ Transactional Emails to create a template for each action.

magento web pos

After creating the email template, you go to Web POS/ Settings where you can set up email for order, invoice, shipment and credit memo (refund):

magento web pos

Then you open the Default Email Configuration section:

magento web pos

magento web pos

On each sub-section, please note that:

  • Send shipment email automatically: If you choose “Yes” the email will be sent automatically to customer’s email when order’s shipment is created. Otherwise, you need to choose to send email manually on POS screen.
  • Shipment email template for guest: Choose email template for order using guest checkout
  • Shipment email template for customer: Choose email template for order created with customer account. You can separate email sent to customers who check out as guest and as registered customers.

When you finish configuring, click on “Save Config” button to apply all the changes. Step by step you get the way to configure emails sent to customers when they purchase products, request invoice, ask for shipment and demand refund issues.

Have fun with Magestore Magento Web POS, if you meet any difficulty, don’t hesitate to raise your question, we are always willing to assist you!

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