Just few weeks more to go and Xmas is gonna knock your door. But now is the ‘golden time’ to run promotional campaign – if you are eager to rocket sales this year end (well, it’s your last chance this year also).

I’m standing from the point of a store owner, assuming myself having a multi-product online stores selling small accessories, clothes and other cute things. I have lots of ideas for this amazing holiday, and ‘Gifting campaign’ naturally comes in first place. People do love gifts on Holidays. So, this is what happened in my mind:

What I can give them, as a gift?

Hmmm, the first group I want to target is general visitors – all people who land in my website. I’m selling things, so “Gift Cards” would be great for both, right? And Gift cards are popular during Xmas also. So, how about free $10 Gift cards for every order over $300?

I also want to thank all of my loyal customers – who frequently bought items from my store. I had an email list of them already. So, I’m gonna get a free gift from Santa Claus for them only. A little surprise is so cool, so I will not reveal which is inside of the box yet! But, how can I give gifts for a group only? Hey, I can send emails with a special coupon, and they will get that gift when applying that coupon, right? Fabulous! I will set it as ‘HO-HO-HO’ coupon!

I’m using a Magento website, what module can assist me turning these ideas into real? Promotional Gift Extension must be the proper answer.

Skipping the installation, I’m gonna set up my own campaign now! This is my campaign brief plan:

  • Timeline: 1-24 Dec, 2015
  • Offer: Free $10 Gift Card for every order exceeds $300 (all visitors) and a mysterious gift (for loyal customers, using coupon sent via emails)
  • Promoting: using ad banners on website and send campaign announcement by emails

Campaign Set Up

Christmas Category

I’m offering some Xmas special items with “warming” prices from 1st to 24th Dec. Xmas-themed category always captures the eyes of visitors, so why not take advantage of it?

Xmas Gift Campaign from A to Z

This is my X-mas category with Xmas icon on product images (100+ icons for Holidays are included in the product package, I love it!) . Is it a little bit… fuzzy? I want it to be pop out and more Xmas. Mega Menu extension will totally nail it, but that’s a different story.

Create Gift Items

Yep, I’m gonna create $10 Gift Card and Mysterious Gift box now. They’d better not be searchable or shown in catalogs.

If you are not sure how to create a Gift Card? Just have a look here.

Set up Xmas Gift campaign - Create gift items

Rules!!! Here I go!

After having gift items in hand, I need 2 rules here: 1 for general visitors and 1 for my loyal group.

So the first rule, named “Free Gift Card for order over $300” is created as a Shopping Cart rule.

Set up Xmas Gift campaign


The rule is enabled from 1st to 24th Dec, and the condition for it to be applied is Any order with sub total greater than $300, and each customer can get the maximum of 1 Gift card only.

Set up Xmas Gift campaign

Then choose the gift item of this rule is our $10 Gift card before, done!

The next rule is for my targeted group using coupon only. So just set this rule requires a coupon code like this:

Set up xmas Gift campaign

Also choose gift item for this rule is the “Mysterious Gift”. Well done!

Anything else? Promoting the campaign, of course!

That’s okay with the campaign set up, but how can I promote it on website? It’d be great if I can show this cool campaign in some banners…

Can Promotional Gift do it?

Are you kidding me? Of course it can! Showing ad banners is just as easy as pie! Ads are static blocks, so it can be any format. I chose to use the easiest one – an image banner which is shown to all visitors from 1st to 24th Dec in both Shopping Cart page and Checkout page:

Set up Xmas gift campaign


And here is how it appears:

Set up Xmas gift campaign


Now, let’s check how this campaign works!

Thump thump! I’m always excited when doing this every time. I’m gonna play a role as a normal customer, buying some lovely things for Christmas Eve. The rule for order over $300, where are you?

Set up Xmas Gift campaign

Hooray! It is added automatically. That’s great, isn’t it? You don’t want it to be auto-added or customers deleted it unexpectedly? I checked it already, they can select the gift from a popup as below:

Set up Xmas gift campaign

How about using the secret coupon code? Lemmie try!

Set up Xmas gift campaign

It works perfectly as expected! You can also set to apply 1 rule for each order only, but this time I prefer these 2 rules can be applied at the same time. My loyal customers will be very happy for sure!

So, I’m ready to run my own campaign this Xmas. How about you? I have something really special (that you never want to miss) to run a perfectly gift campaign this season:


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