If you followed us frequently, you must have been interested in stories about Reward Points. From United States to United Kingdom, we all together met Magento store owners who successfully build their own powerful loyalty system.

Today is for another business in another country with another way in setting up a reward system. It’s New Zealand. Now let me tell you more.

Bryce Stanley gained benefits from Reward Points extension

It was a beautiful day after I had a talk via Skype with Bryce Stanley, store owner of evolvsupplements. Before going into details, let’s visit his website.

Customer Story - Reward Points extension
Bryce Stanley & his store: evolvsupplements.

At first impression, Bryce was so kind to me when accepting my suggestion immediately after I sent him an email. He did all the work, so for him, extensions definitely helped the website. “They make it easier for me and my clients. Gives me more resources to work with and makes management of the website easier.”

Bryce was a Magestore customer who bought Promotional Gift, One Step Checkout. And once again, he believed & chose us for Reward Points extension. How cool!

When I asked him about what benefits Reward Points extension brought to him, he mentioned 3 advantages.

  1. Motivate customers to buy more, even buy all the time
  2. Keep clients coming back & actually, many people come back
  3. Clients refer is handy

Moreover, he liked the feature of refer friends the best. Wow, so many customers fall in love with this, I must say!

How evolvsupplements run reward system

In the reward system of evolvsupplements, Bryce set earning points for almost of products at the rate of about 2%, chose available duration for 90 days. He talked with his customers and found that not many people use products regularly. So he thought 90 days were the best. Then, he showed reward information on his site in order to make customers easily see it. That was a way to boost them to buy when they were just going around & considering.

Customer story - Reward Points extension
Show information of reward points on Product Detail page
Customer story - Reward Points extension
Reward Points policy in a separate page

He also shared with me that he really liked the features of refunding by points, instead of money. By this way, his customers still came back and spent their points.

“Magestore support is good and handy”

I was impressed by Bryce Stanley and wanted our talk to last longer. When it nearly came to an end, I gave him a question about Magestore support. Do you know what he said? Yeah, he said that our support was good and handy, which helped him a lot in dealing with the problems he got.

When I put my phones down, I felt high and inspired thanks to discussion with him. I remembered and noted all he said to me. Imagine when you have a dozen of ideas for your loyalty system & get a tool to make your ideas come true, your customers will keep on coming back and spending money on your store. Why not discover this tool by yourself now? Don’t waste time anymore!

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