Nowadays, you better know what customers think, so you can give them what they want. Every 10 CEO is asked to say that they quite want to know their customers, but just six of them can do that, and all of that six people are really successful.
Now let’s talk about what customers think. There is one thing you have to know about, customers tend to be lazy, give them tools to be lazy.

Customers tend to be lazy.

customer insight

Customers come to your online store because of no reason but lazy. They don’t want to go outside, they just wanna to stay at home and still be serviced, so what you have to do, do everything to keep them stay there.

How to keep them stay lazy?

First thing comes to your mind must be improving your shipping service. I have some tips for you.

Make sure your shipping notification email system work very well. You should require the carrier that they also have to send a notification email to customers. It absolutely increases the reliability of your store.

Plus, you can offer SMS updates. SMS is now becoming incredibly popular, and of course, customers prefer SMS to email. Send update information by SMS will help a lot in Customer Relation.

People will love to have a variety of options that they can choose, especially free options. So diversify your shipping options, or offer some forms of free shipping if you can.

customer insight


Another thing may be checkout online. Many customers abandon online shopping at a checkout page due to a complicated process. As I say, customers are so lazy, make checkout page is simple as much as you can. I think this product can help you about it, click to find out: magento one step checkout extension.

magento one step checkout

But with the Christmas coming, I think what I am going to give you right now is exactly the thing you need. The time customers look for a gift is now reduced to the minimum with something like a Gift card. Why is that? I will tell you why. Gift card brings to your store a feature as you can create a one-size-fit-all gift and provide it to your customers. Usually, when you need a gift for your friends, you must spend time on think about what things he like, in what color he is interested, and go around to pick that up. Customers absolutely don’t want those complicated things, of course except for the ones they care so much which is not many. So if you can provide a credit card which can also be a gift, and your customers’ friends can use it to buy anything they want, customers will buy like crazy.

magento gift card

I can suggest you an extension that I believe it can solve this problem: Magento gift card extension. You may be wonder how this extension help: 

Create unlimited Gift cards with different values.

Gift Cards’ price can be set equal, lower or higher than their actual value based on your business strategy. Buying a $100 Gift Card only for $90 definitely stimulates Customers to purchase more and more!

– Personalize Gift cards in your own way with 4 nice-designed templates

Customers can self-customize the appearance of Gift Cards by selecting one of pre-set templates and then uploading their own image to replace the existing one. Changes will be previewed right on the product thumbnail image.

– Utilize gift card in payment with gift code flexible configuration

Besides online Gift Card products, you can add/import/generate gift codes to serve offline Customers and reward them.

And a lot of features you can find out in the link above. Or also, you can find out about other extensions for Magento.


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