In the Omnichannel world, providing an Online and Offline shopping experience for the customers is very crucial for all retailers. So, if you want your business can reach higher goals with ease, you should integrate eCommerce site with POS system in the stores.

integrate ecommerce site with POS systemIntegrate eCommerce site with POS system

The benefits of eCommerce POS System Integration:

Integrating the physical and digital stores has many operational benefits and customer experience, including:

1. Allow businesses to track and manage goods with high accuracy

Save time, minimize costs and inventory control in the best possible way with the functionality of a store to simplify the inventory process and help track, manage a stand-alone warehouse or a chain of stores.

manage a warehouse

2. Save time and money

Increases productivity and efficiency with a very simple and easy-to-use way that can meet the changing demands quickly.

  • Maximize profits with flexible pricing options
  • Effective Staff Management:
    – Improve the efficiency of employee management with time clock, attendance, and employee tracking.
    – Manage closely sales management by sales staff, calculate sales by employee, work shift, etc.
    – Create cashier reporting.
    – Easy integration

3. Make faster and more accurate business decisions

Maintain a competitive edge and maximize revenue opportunities with flexible, easy-to-use reporting options to better assist you. You will know exactly which products sell the best at each time, as well as what you will need to buy or discount something. Similarly, you can track the benefits of your investment in advertising, mailings to customers, promotions, discounts, etc.

4. Other reasons

When you do not integrate your eCommerce and POS systems, your customer experience is being threatened. Moreover, your team is responsible for manually moving data between them, such as:

  • Product data from POS to your eCommerce site
  • Sales Orders From eCommerce To POS
  • Shipping information
  • Tracking status from POS to eCommerce channels

When these processes above are not automated, mistakes happen. It will lead to wrong product data, encounter slow shipping times, and wrong inventory level. Product information may be incomplete, inaccurate or missing.

And, all these manual processes take hours and hours to fix. This is the time taken away from something more important – your customers.

Omnichannel POS

Bridge the Online and Offline Gap and enhances the omnichannel retail experience


So, How to integrate eCommerce site with POS System?

After collecting information about why retailers should connect online and offline stores, let’s move on to how can do it. There are some different ways to connect your POS and eCommerce systems, which will help you find the best solution

1. Researching POS eCommerce Integration Solutions

Running a quick service, retail store or restaurant? Then you know how important it is to have an effective POS to cut the long queue of customers waiting to check out as well as save the amount of time for more profitable actions. But looking for a POS solution is not easy. Because some systems don’t work harmoniously with other systems. The tip is when researching POS and eCommerce integration solutions, it’s necessary to note these types of integrations processes.

2. Talk to consultant from POS Provider

Maybe, talking to the specialist is the best way to integrate your eCommerce store. When talking to your provider, they can help you to overcome all troubles. Don’t hesitate to ask about how the integration works, what you need to do to connect your eCommerce store with POS, or what and how data is synced between the two systems.

If you want to integrate your eCommerce site with a Magento POS system, contact Us!

POS providers

3. Third-party Integrations – Why not?

Firstly, before going into the main idea, I would like to reiterate that: The best POS system, for example, a Magento POS, will help you with lots of effective features about customers, inventory, eCommerce, security, reports, and more. Retailers want everything to be linked together, but it seems like finding a suite of extension that fits the online store really gives them headaches. Sometimes they do not work with your existing module or you want to install more applications. Then, finding a third-party offer is also a good choice. Because besides the product is pos, they can help you set up as well as install other modules to launch your e-commercial store.

Third-party Integrations

In particular, the channels are interconnected between extensions like Omnichannel solution. You should refer to the Omnichannel package that the suppliers have. As you know, it is the overall solution for your business. Not just POS or inventory system. That includes a lot of other management features. What I think will help you succeed in the o2o market as well as grow your business.

  • Driving sales and enhance customer engagement across all channels (Point of sale, Marketplace, Reward Points)
  • Growing quickly with a professional, efficient and streamless B2B solution
  • Centralized Inventory Management & Fulfilling customer expectation (In-stock ManagementMulti-warehouse, Order Fulfillment,…)
  • Streamline purchasing workflow with robust Purchase Management
  • Stay in the know with real-time inventory and sales report – Inventory Report
  • Make it fast and efficient with billing system for your business
  • Developing an Omni-channel User Experience on Mobile Apps

4. Do it yourselfdo-it-yourself
If you have done everything but still not satisfied with, or cannot find the solution for your online store. Retailers had better consider creating a custom module for your business. But keep in mind that creating your own module may require high technology so if you are not good at software development you should hire a Magento professional to do this for you. It is a good way because you will get help even if everything’s done.


You are right to decide to integrate eCommerce site with POS system. This eCommerce POS system integration does not only create a seamless shopping experience for your customers but also save your time and money to manage your business.

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