Shopping online now has become a hobby of people. People love shopping online because they can save time, cost and especially the experience of checking out online. Checkout is a final step when customers purchase something online, but it seems important because this step decides whether the company earn money or not. According to statistics, nearly 68% of online shopping cart are abandoned in checkout step. That indicates how the checkout extension matters to an e-commerce website, it definitely contributes substantially to your business sales. Hence, there are many one step checkout extensions to help website owners build an effective checkout system (For example: One step checkout from Magestore). This article will help those website owners to choose the best one step checkout extension for their websites.

Attractive checkout page visualization with different themes

One step checkout” – it means all the checkout steps are displayed in a single page. The checkout extension need to provide an appropriate layout to increase the ease of use for customers. For example, “order review” should be placed before the “billing address” category, it would save customers’ time since in case of there is any wrong with their orders, they will turn back to check step checkout example

The checkout page should be designed with harmony coloring. Moreover, it needed to be simple for better understanding of the customer. Specially, it will be interesting when customers see different themes of checkout page when they shop online in different times, it boosts up the opportunity that customers will come back to your website.

Suggest to automatically fill in address info

one step checkout-google suggestion

This is a simple thing, but a one step checkout extension should not forget it. For customers, saving their time is one of the most important thing, even just a little. Using Google Suggest to automatically fill in address, email, zip code… information not only save clients’ time from searching info, but it also makes customers be more comfortable and trusted in the information that are filled in.

Fast speed, responsive and flexible checkout page


A good one step checkout extension is the one which are updated with the advanced technology. With a short filling information and submitting process, it makes customers feel professional and want to buy more. Another thing while customers submit their order, the checkout page have to be responsive with any change in their information. For example, the available payment methods and shipping methods should be changed when customers’ address change.

Support as many payment methods as possible

The e-commerce website owner can lose a significant number of their customers if they choose a one step checkout extension which supports only some popular payment method. With an e-commerce site, your customers can be any one all over the world, since make sure that your One Step Checkout can work perfectly in any stores of any countries.

Values for website owner as well

So the best checkout extension should help customers to save time and cost, however it is not enough. There is something it have to contribute for the website owner. For example, when it comes to One step checkout of Magestore, at the end of the checkout process, the extension allow the website owner get customers’ feedback by asking a small multiple choice question such as: “How did you hear about us?”, “What do you like about us?”.

In general, there is not certain criteria for ranking what is the best One Step Checkout Extension, it depends on the buyers, customers or what kind of e-commerce website the purchaser is having. However, these typical factors above should be primarily considered when you look for a One Step Checkout Extension supplier.


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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