You are a developer, specialized in Magento platform, huh? You do not want to left behind since thousand of Magento developers are learning hard to upgrade their knowledge for Magento 2.

But frankly, how should you know where to start if you do not know what part you are lacking?

The new era of Magento 2 has been unlocked. Save your energy and defeat Magento 2.0 Challenge presented by Magestore! We offer you a test tool to check your knowledge about New Magento 2.0. By testing, you surely understand further about Magento 2 as well as explore couples of things to be learnt and discovered.

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What is Magento 2 Quiz all about?

If you have update into Magento 2 or planning to do so, let’s join us in Hot Free Quiz session.

Magento 2.0 Quiz includes 20 questions with must-known basic knowledge about Magento 2. There will be limited to 10 minutes for you to complete the test. You are not required to sign up to do the test and do not be panic as it is not a writing test but multiple choices one. And in case you get a not so high result, try to look for help in our Magento 2 Tutorial Posts!

A simple instruction is put under “How it works” section to guide you how to use our support button during the test. If you have any comment or sharing, please feel free to leave some words!

And do not forget to share the test with your friends 🙂

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About Magento 2 Roadmap of Magestore

Put trust on us because we have been tracking from day one of Magento 2. Newbie to this new era? Check out our informative blog posts on:

Or take a look at how one of our technical experts defeat Magento 2 Extension Challenge and take Second Place in April 2015

Up to now, we are keep focusing on upgrading all of our extensions to Magento 2. Available paid extensions for Magento 2.

We are on the way to finish all remaining extensions for Magento 2 in the 2nd quarter of 2016 including Affiliate, Shop by brand, Gift Wrap, Membership, Super Campaign, Auction, Promotional Gift, Store Credit.

Final good news:

Magestore Extensions are on Verification Process with Magento Team to be released officially in Magento 2 Marketplace. 03 of our Magento 2 extensions has been approved after 02 strict checking rounds namely: One Step Checkout, Mega Menu and Gift Card.  No need to rush as 06 more extensions are under revision and will join the team soon! Let’s just say cheers to Magestore Team, keep calm and wait for our appearance in new Magento 2 Marketplace.

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