Hello Magento Blog readers, today we will meet Rasmus Hoeks, founder & CEO of Hoeks, to see how the company solved client’s challenge with Magestore Reward Points Plus & Social Login extension.

About Hoeks Digital Agency

We are a Danish leading digital agency that provides professional digital solutions. Beside responsive design, digital consultancy, and website security service, we mainly focus on creating top-quality e-commerce stores.

  • Website Development
  • New Web Store
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Magento Web Shop
  • Security Agreement
  • Responsive Design

Hoeks creates website solutions that help clients achieve their online success. The entire process is carried out in a close cooperation with personal advisors and developers. Our more than 400 customers include top Danish brands like Nordfyns Bank, Aarhus University, and Jupitercykler.dk, etc.

“To bring about best solutions for our clients’ projects, we only choose high-quality extensions with open customizability.“

Challenge: A multi-language member-get-member system 

Our client – Essential Food (essentialfoodsgb.co.uk) wanted to build a member-get-member system that helps attract more customers to their business. Therefore, they looked for a system which grants customers a particular number of points when customers share or refer friends to the brand. Customers then collect points and use them for further purchasing on the web store. Thus, the system not only helps Essential Food get more new customers but also give existing happy customers chance to earn more points.

Furthermore, in order to help customers interact easily with the web store, Essential Food also needed a system that allows customers to conveniently login, comment or register with a variety of social accounts.

In search of softwares that match the client’s requirements, we created a list of Magento extension providers who have a good reputation for extension’s code standard and customizability. While the well-coded extensions basically meet the client’s needs, the open customizability enables the agency to make the extension totally match the client’s business.

Solution: Magestore Reward Points extension

“Looking for suitable extensions, I was recommended Magestore by my developer friends for its high quality of code and dedicated support.“

After working out the solution with our client, we did some research on Magestore extensions and requested Magestore support for more consultation. The supporters always provide quick and helpful answers to help us deeply understand the extensions’ functions.

We chose Magestore Social Login and Reward Points for Essential Food project. While Social Login allows customers to register and log in with Facebook accounts in seconds, Reward Points Platinum version fulfills our client’s needs with Refer friend plugin, which grants customers points if they refer friends to the store. We also customized Reward Points module to make it fit multiple languages. At first, we met some issues concerning language translation with UTF8 since the module needs to be translated into the Danish language. However, we then got it run smoothly soon thanks to Magestore massive support in real time. Besides, changes in Facebook API caused some problems in Social Login module, but they were quickly fixed by Magestore developers as well.

“We need to customize Reward Points into 3 languages. It’s easy to work with (Magestore modules). My client is really satisfied with the module.“

Choosing Magestore for our client’s project is a right decision. Thanks to Magestore great support we completed the project within about one month, which brings about huge satisfaction to our client. Magestore will definitely be in our top Magento extension providers when we start new projects.

Struggling with your client’s requirements? Contact us to receive the best assistance! Then share with us your success story like Hoeks!


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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