With the global consumer shift from brick and mortar stores to online stores for shopping, attracting new customers while boosting conversion rates has turned into an ever-evolving and necessary marketing process. Discount or coupon codes are an excellent tool that allows website owners to entice specific customers. With Magento 2, you can take your promo code game to new heights without breaking a sweat.

Coupon codes are used in conjunction with the specific cart price rules enabling customers to apply a discount when certain conditions are met. The customer-specific discount extension from ZealousWeb Technologies helps website owners to create shopping cart price rules to address specific customer requirements.

By creating a customer-specific promotion code with Magento 2, you can make discount codes for a targeted set of customers. The promotion code extension allows the admin to offer a special discount to specific customers while excluding the customers that don’t fit the set criteria. The extension loads your registered customers on shopping cart rules based on the selected user group, allowing you to choose customers.

Promotion codes can be designed to target a specific customer group or for anyone who purchases a certain amount. Customers can apply the coupon to buy by entering the coupon code in the cart or at the cash register of your physical store.

Website owners can send coupon codes via email or include them in newsletters, catalogs, and advertisements. Additionally, you can export the list of coupon codes and send it to a commercial printer. Creating a customer-specific promotion code can be applied to in-store coupons with a quick response code that shoppers can scan with their smartphones. The QR code enables customers to link to a page on your site with more information about the promotion.

Admins can utilize promo codes in two ways, depending on whether they wish to include specific customers in the rule or exclude those customers from the rules. Here are a few ways that you can use coupons in your store:

  • Email coupons to customers,
  • Produce printed coupons,
  • Create in-store coupons for mobile users.

Coupon codes enable customers to avail of discounted prices at your store, helping you retain customers while encouraging them to return to your store again. Admins have the choice to create single or bulk Promotion codes for a particular customer/product, group, or anyone depending on the purpose, need, or campaign.

Customers can input coupon codes in their carts during checkout, and the discount value will be applied immediately. Magento 2 supports a coupon code feature through its Cart Price Rules; the eCommerce Platform helps Admins run a promotion on their stores and offer specific discounts to the targeted customers using a promotion code.

Promotion codes are an integral part of discounts, promotions, and offers. Promotion Codes enable customers to make purchases at a reduced price. Coupon codes are applied to avail discounts when certain conditions are fulfilled.

Promotion codes can be created separately or in bulk to target customer groups or individual customers, depending on your targets. Admins can send coupons via emails or include them in advertisements, website banners, or newsletters.

Advantages of specific promotion code with Magento 2

Easy to install/manage

Admin can easily install this extension without requiring an additional code to manage this extension.

Restrict/allow selected customers

Admin can choose specific customers to exclude from this rule or select customers who can use the promotion code.

Gain customer loyalty

Harnessing the promotion code with Magento 2 allows you to gain loyalty and interest that boosts future conversion.

Support multi-store

The extension is fully compatible with multi-store/websites. So the admin can enable/disable any store/website at any time.

How this extension works

ZealousWeb’s extension extends the default cart price rules configuration. Once you have installed the extension, you can edit the cart price rule by accessing the MARKETING ⟶ Promotions ⟶ Cart Price Rules.

The store owner can either Add New Rule or Edit pre-existing rules. ZealousWeb’s extension adds the unique customers’ tab that shows the customers grid based on selected customer groups with the default possibility to sort out the values and reset the filters.

This customer grid supports the multi-select possibility of choosing several customers simultaneously. Once the Admin has selected the customers and saved the configuration, the cart price rule gets triggered for the targeted shoppers.

If no option is selected from the Include/Exclude section, the cart price rule applies to anyone who matches the other conditions. Once you have saved the configuration, you can use this promotion code based on the cart price rule. You can apply this on the cart page and checkout page.

General Features:

  • Enable/Disable extension from the backend.
  • Option to create cart rules for specific customers.
  • Option to exclude particular customers from the discount rule.
  • The discounts can be applied to the products in the form of coupons.

Technical Features:

  • Admin will be able to include/exclude selected customers from the cart price rule.
  • Customers will be displayed based on the selected customer groups on the cart price rule.

Wrap up

There are numerous ways to empower your customers while ensuring their swift return to your store. Admins can offer discounts, run promotional campaigns, and give coupons while boosting your sales.

Promoting your online store as a store owner and offering discounts is crucial to running your online store. ZealousWeb’s extension “Customer-specific discount” for Magento 2 allows store owners to create the discount code by including or excluding the customers.

Have a question about creating a Magento 2 coupon code? Utilizing a Customer-specific promotion code with Magento 2 properly allows you to take the advantage to attract your customers as well? Get in touch with us by writing in the comments section below.


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