In order to run a successful Affiliate Program on the website, your affiliate system needs to cover all the major features such as:

  1. Be able to create banners, links, widgets
  2. Simple affiliate registration
  3. Monitor, review and filter transactions, reports of affiliates and referral programs
  4. Provide proper payment method

Our Affiliate Plus is provided with all the necessary functions above in the Standard edition. This version perfectly fits for a simple online website. However, this is only the most common and basic features for running only one affiliate program at once. That’s why we also provide two more professional versions with more advanced features come along.

Although all these three versions are powerful enough to meet all the requirements. But there are different stores in the world with different needs while we can’t personalize an extension with all the features for every business. We think it’s much better to provide a customization service to help build up essential features for the specific website. In that way, the requested features will perfectly match with your business’s needs.

This post we are going to show you all the most frequent customization service from our customers to help you have a quick look at our customization service. If you are wondering how other Magento retailers personalize their Affiliate system for their business, you can also get some ideas from these frequent customization request for Affiliate Plus.

Most frequent customization request

Set discount levels for affiliates when they purchase an order

Besides giving a certain amount of commission for affiliates every time they sell a product, a lot of eCommerce websites also want to offer discounts for them when they click on their own affiliate link(s) to purchase an order.

Currently, with our Affiliate Plus extension, when an affiliate is logged into his Account, an Affiliate transaction is not created for him if he clicks on one of his own links. One of our customers using Affiliate Plus has requested us to customize the extension that Affiliate A can be logged into his account, place an order and still get a transaction created with the commission.

Although this feature is not widely used among online web stores’ affiliate programs, but we understand each business has its own demand. In this case, our customers decided to request us for a customization on their website. By using our customization service, all the requirements and conditions on how the function performs will be personalized properly with the business.

Set the limitation of product quantity in each substore for different affiliates

Normally, affiliate program applies to all the products in store. But in case the store limits the product’s quantity, then each affiliate will be assigned with 1 substore with the limited number of products in that substore.

For example, Cleo Tran is an affiliate of Magestore website. She is assigned to one substore page with limited products (5 items only).

The reason to set the product’s quantity depends on the inventory of the web store. If the stock has only 10 T-shirt products left meanwhile there are 5 affiliates joined the affiliate program. Each affiliate will be provided with 1 substore with no more than 2 T-shirt products.

Custom Tier Commission

Tier Commission feature provided by our Affiliate Plus allows affiliates to not only refer friends to buy products but also invite them to join your Affiliate system. When a customer buys products via the link of a tier, both he and the higher affiliates will get the commission.

But at this moment, Affiliate Plus only provide tier commission with percentage values. In case customers want to add other conditions for the commission with different values/types, then they need to customize the extension.

By customizing this Tier Commission plugin in our Affiliate Plus, you can set the number of affiliate tiers allowed in the system, different commission types & amount for each tier and use a different commission from the 2nd order of a customer.

Means of payment method: Bank account number instead of Paypal email

Customizing payment method field is one of the most frequent customization requests when it comes to transferring the withdrawal request for affiliates. It is totally understandable as safe & secure payment terminals are crucial for any quick & smooth checkout even it is online or offline.

In this case, our customers using Affiliate Plus want to change the Paypal label at the Affiliate Registration Page into Bank Account Number information instead of Paypal email account.

In a nutshell

An affiliate program contributes to the overall success of a business. However, businesses, differing in model, scope or products, might have different demands for their own. All the customization requests above for Affiliate Plus are given with the solutions, which, hopefully, could inspire you with some ideas if you are looking for personalizing your affiliate system. Otherwise, you can consult with Magestore business analysts. Just share with us your expectations, we will analyze and work out your most appropriate solution!

* Magestore Magento Customization Service which helps store owners customize the extensions to make them completely fit their businesses. More than 16.000 customers have their desired extensions with Magestore. Learn more about our Customization Service >>


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.


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