Back in a few years ago, when doing business online has not been prevailing as today, many people are just familiar with multi-page checkout process when they purchase something online. Nowadays, with the booming of the Internet, everything can be sold in a website or a social network. The customers also are diversified when everyone now can access to the Internet and make an order. Hence, the trend of e-commerce website owner is trying to save time and money as much as possible for their customers, that’s how one page checkout extension is developed. All the checkout process appears in a single page will have customers to check out quickly and increase seller’s conversion rate.

Along with the development of one page checkout extension, some websites still prefer multi-page checkout process. Why? Did they not realize the convenience of one page checkout extension? The answer why they are using multi-page checkout is that it still has some advantages. This article will help you make the best choice of checkout extension.

Advantages of Multi-page (Traditional) Checkout process


As the popularity of one page checkout, multi-step checkout has not perished yet. Some big sellers still use the multi-page checkout process for their e-commerce websites such as Brooks Brothers, Net-a-porter and West Elm. You may think that multi-page checkout is time-consuming, but it will be very convenient in case of complicated orders. Complicated orders here make customers are willing to spend more time in checkout process, because they do not want there is any mistake in their orders, for example: huge orders with many ranges and number of products. Moreover, when customers want to send their products to many addresses, it is better if there is an independent shipping methods page.

Another advantage of multi-page checkout is that it allows customers know exactly where they are. There is low probability of errors as well as mistakes when checking out process is divided into many parts, especially for customers who buy a big cart or buy something they are really interested. Furthermore, when wholesaler makes a huge purchase, there should be a single page to fill their information for discount.

Advantages of One page checkout process


To save customers’ time, one page checkout extension was developed which put all the checkout steps in a single page. As many advantages that One page checkout extension brings to sellers, it can increase the online sales up to 30% per month. The ace thing here is for some customers, they really prefer a quick process of checking out, moreover they are possible to see all of their information in a single page, so that they will not be distracted as well as abandon their carts. For a comprehensive customer, that will be great if he or she can check their products, shipping method, auto-fill personal information at one page. Further, that would be annoying if customers have to turn back to previous pages many times if they realized they made a mistake. In addition, one-step checkout extension now is developed for Magento stores with high speed of interactivity and flexible response, it boosts up customers’ satisfaction.

Which one you should choose?

multi-page vs one-step-checkout extension

So we have figured out some pros and cons of two kinds of checkout process, in general, which one you should choose for your store? It depends on what type of products you are selling and also what segmentation of customers you are targeting. If your store’s products are high price or you are offering luxurious products, you may choose multi-page checkout. Multi-page checkout process also suits for your website in case your target customers is old demographic and low-tech people. Nevertheless, you definitely should concern about purchasing one page checkout extension if you are a vendor who sell prevalent and cheap products which are suitable for young as well as technology savvy customers. Moreover, one page checkout should be considered when your target is mobile shopper or website you own is vending convenient goods and one page checkout extension is your best choice to create customers return and purchase frequently.


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