Hello everyone. After discovering how Magento works with categories, I continued to research on Catalog Rules and found them very interesting. Thus I cannot wait any longer to share the useful information with you.

Hi everyone. It’s me again, David. Today I’ll continue to accompany with you in the journey of discovering interesting things about Magento. In this tutorial, we will explore how Magento works with a category which helps customers easily find products that they need.

In the previous post, we discovered 6 standard product types in Magento and the configuration of each one. To be continued, my article today will guide you how to modify an existing product type and also introduce to you how a product type interacts with the database.

Magento provides users with different product type profiles to select when creating a new product. Choosing the right product type is very important for accessing the appropriate set of features required to sell your items. My tutorial today is designed to help you understand the differences among product types and what they’re intended to set up your Magento products.

Are you ready to continue exploring a journey through the Adminhtml with us? Today we will further discuss Magento extensions – the issue that always grabs a lot of attraction and interest of many people. Let’s get started right now!

With the purpose of effectively managing the site, Magento uses an Access Control Lists (ACL) to authorize and control user access within the system. The tutorial presented today will demonstrate the ACL in details and guide you how to setup and authorize a backend menu. Please keep reading and discover!