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You know? Magento popup extension is usually a hot topic for any e-commerce store and you might easily find an Magento popup extension in many online sites. In addition, Magento pop-up is the most widely used for online retailers who have many ecommerce super campaigns

But do magento popup manager really work? Today, i will show their advantage and disadvantage ,and  how to use them wisely. That way you might avoid using ill-timed magento popup windows despised by web surfers.


Advantages of Magento popup

1.Impressive Magento popup manager

Firstly, You might  design beautiful and high-convert popups without professional skills that as easy as cake with predefined templates for many purposes  such as list building, call-to-action, social follow, video play and fully customizable effects and styles. In addition, you might set flexible display rules based on visitor behavior, time, trigger, store view… and freely set popup position appeared on page. Yeah, you can use popup easily with magento popup manager with no IT Background any more

It is very easy to get in your own magento popup manager, and if you are looking for super campaign covering a bit of something here and bit of something else there, it is very easy for customers to miss the point you are trying to make. magento popup manager is  a “must” for your ecommerce store.

Moreover, In a super campaign, When it comes to advertising, customers are generally on the sceptical side of the fence . By integrating your magento popup manager , magento popup email and keeping them consistent you will build trust with your intended audience and they will be more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt and click on the very enticing link that you have provided them with.

2.Have multiple banner slider


Secondly, With magento popup manager, you might create unlimited sliders with one or multiple banners .  Plus, You might select slider style from predefined ones with many animation effects such as slider or fade. Not only can you display time of each banner but also can make flexible banner placement on page and generate banner slider HTML code.

You can save money with magento popup maneger because you don’t just need to buy a magento banner sliders any more. Yeah, Photography, graphics and content are costly to a business and banner slider too. In addition, By integrating your campaign with magento popup extension , you will eliminate the need for duplication, as when you integrate, you share across channels and this will save you both money and valuable time

3.Create and manage campaign effectively

magento poup

Yeah, you know? You might run multiple campaigns with different priorities with Start or end time. Plus, There are many coupon codes like promotion or static coupon. Moreover, You might both display multiple popups in one campaign and  segment visitors to display campaign

An integrated magento popup manager might do a lot of good in terms of building trust in your brand and increasing revenue, but it might also help your online business internally.

When you run an integrated magento popup manager, your online business ‘s human have to pull together, share talent and stay on top of communication to ensure consistency. Not only will the amazing results of the magento popup campaign come up team morale, but the work done to integrate across the multiple channels will also have turned them into a well-oiled machine ready to champion the next campaign.

4.Other Advantages

Flat design vector illustration icons set of website SEO optimization, programming process and web analytics elements. Isolated on turquoise background

There are many features of magento popup manager . Out of these below advantages, magento popup extension have some features such as the Connector extension is 100% Open Source. And with Magestore, License Certificate is valid for 1 live shopping app installation (No license key required).

Disadvantages of Magento popup

We have just seen how magento popup extension  have many advantages. But we cannot ignore the fact that web surfers have now developed a reflex for automatically closing them. That is why it is important to carefully consider the message they contain.

In addition, anyone who wants to install magento popup extension on their website might be aware of the risks associated with their misuse such as they are automatically displayed very much, they are require an action on the part of the user, they might have bad reputation due to countless lackluster advertisements, and Misuse may irritate users and reflect negatively to your online store

Moreover, Many visitors, especially those who are familiar with internet technologies, don’t like magento popup. Some people dislike them so much, the will immediately exit a site with a popup.

Some magento popup manager, especially those which contain scripts, might slow your page load time down which is a factor in conversions as well as SEO.

Anything less than the right message at the right time might be annoying and distract visitors from their experience.

Top 4 Tips to make an amazing magento popup manager

1.Create a Magento popup manager strategy


Create an easy to follow magento popup manager strategy. This should have clear objectives and positioning statements. It should also connect core values into every content and ensure that each element of content that it contains builds your brand

2.Use a Brand Book

You should use a brand book to maintain and guarantee common visual standards for the use of logos, typefaces, colours, sizing of imagery and so on for your magento popup manager.

3.Timing Can Be Everything

You might show your popup at different points in your customers experience on your site. Customers might complete a certain action  or as they are about to leave your site in a short of time, so timing can be everything.

4.Choose The Right Message

It is crucial to choose the right message.  Yeah, you know? Many customers are accustomed to closing popup boxes immediately, so you only have a second to get their attention with right message.

Yeah. Integrating your magento popup manager might initially seem a bit daunting, as on the surface it seems like a lot of extra work might be involved. If you push past this initial fear, you will soon find that it is incredibly rewarding in financial terms as well as for customer retention and that the effort is more than worth it.

You will also find that once you have got through your first magento popup manager campaign , future magento popup manager campaigns will run like a finely tuned car ready to win its next race.

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