Magento is used by over 250,000 merchants, making it one of the most popular platforms. With its ability to be customized and thousands of extensions, it helps create a truly unique store. Yet Magento is also known for its resource hogging ways. To make your site fast, here are some top Magento speed improvement tips.  You can download the complete pdf file here:

79 Tips and Tricks for Magento Performance Improvement 

Top Magento Performance Improvement tips:

Make the Right Host Choice

  1. Quality hardware is worth a few extra dollars a month. Always check is it SSD? Solid State Drives are 20x times faster than all conventional drives.  Do you have enough memory in your plan?  Don’t try to get by with a single core of a processor.
  2. Know about the provider’s server locations and choose a location which is nearer to your customers. Aspiration Hosting has 5 server locations – California, Chicago, New York, London, Singapore, and Sydney. We also include a global content delivery network (CDN).  Having files served nearest to your clients will save 2-3 seconds of page load time.

Always Choose Cloud

Cloud hosting plans are the best plan than any other hosting plans. With cloud hosting, you can upgrade your resources as needed easily.

Enable a Content Delivery Network

CDN helps to reduce the latency and loads the page faster by saving a copy of the site on different servers around the world. If a request from a customer arises depending on the location from where your customer browses, the page is retrieved from that server.

Full Page Cache Advantage

Slow loading sites will surely lose business. Customers hate waiting. This also affects Google page rank. Aspiration Hosting uses Full page cache like Lite Mage to prevent this.

Use of SSL certificates

For the past few years, Google has strongly recommended the use of HTTPS for making your browsing data safe. SSL is for making the data secure. If you haven’t added SSL, the HTTP sites will be marked as ‘Not Secure’ and this will prominently highlight in the URL bar. Secure your website with Aspiration Hosting range of SSL Certificates.  Running your site under SSL also speeds the file loads within a customer’s browser.


These are some of a few top recommendations.  If you follow just these 4 main points, your site will load noticeably faster.  And speed sells more.


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