Let’s imagine that millions of businesses out there are using technology in their business as a strong strategy to grow crazily and make a break through in that industry and you are here, haven’t used any kind of technologies even heard about them!

That is unacceptable with every business in the technology century like this, therefore, I bring 9 technology terms which are very important and used in many companies to you to have an overview of what people are doing out there with technology in 2016!

Let’s go with 9 must-know technology terms for every business in 2016!

1. ERP

So what is ERP? ERP acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning which mean that help stores owners do their business better with automation and integration. So in which step store owners need to use ERP? With the intelligent technology, all of the daunting tasks which are time-consuming now are automatically do and integrate with each other. Some of the common case that it often deals with:

Connect all factors of your business: You can connect all of your business parts with ERP from importing the material, manufacturing, marketing, delivery … everything. With the full data of your business, you can have an overview as well as  detail look to make a decision when needed.

Increase the productivity: Of course, with real-time information each department can know how others are doing and manage the resource to keep the speed, therefore there is no delay time, wasting material. Besides, you don’t need to hire too many staff to spend time on the task like input data, integrate data manually …. all of these tasks are finished quickly and effectively.

Multiple metrics dashboard report: Yes, you will be surprised when you see the report from ERP system. You can have a very detail report from manufacture, marketing, sale, transportation …

You can have some research about ERP solution, there are thousands image, video, and post about it, to apply in your business. Or you can have a quick look at these famous solution to have an overview:

ERP package for E-commerce

ERP - imporrtant technology term for start-up


Yes, its name has already given us some first think about how it work. Cloud is no longer unfamiliar with people who love technology anymore, have you ever heard about One drive of Microsoft, Google drive of Google?  Yes, with the development of the Internet and the requirement of using data in various place outside the office, the cloud term was born. You can store your data on the cloud and get these date whenever you need with the internet connection.

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With cloud technology, you don’t have to install a big software system to analyze your business data anymore. Everything you need to do is create an account and connect your system information, the cloud system will automatically give you the best workplace. The famous example of cloud service is Inventory cloud, Salesforce ….

cloud - technology term

3. SaaS

SaaS means Software as a Service, as I mention above, SaaS use cloud technology to develop it’s product. As a store owner, you have to install an Inventory software which is often big an complex to monitor your business. However, with SaaS, you don’t need to install any kind of software or hire a big number of technical staff, just some easy step to create an account and start to use the best service ever.

SaaS technology term

All of the technical problems will be solved by the professional staff from the SaaS owner, as a customer, we don’t need to care anything about it.


This term is related to the 2 previous terms, big data technology is collecting a large amount of data and then store it, analyze it to support the decision making of human.  The data come from many sources such as social media, news, blog post, Wikipedia, report ….. so we can have much valuable information which can describe everything about any object.  What I really love technology is the data analyzing speed, with a huge amount of data, we can’t wait a week for a report, so the requirement of speed to work with big data is extremely high.  The common speed of each bigdata system is 1Tb data per second with many kinds of format such as pdf, image, doc …

big data

Because of collect information from many sources with a very high speed so the amount of data collected will increase dramatically, therefore bigdata companies have to invest a huge budget on the storage system to ensure that it work well. Nowadays, big data is being used in many aspects of life such as weather forecast, aircraft manufacture, join stock ….

5. E-COMMERCE – A quick growing kind of technology business

E-commerce is a term which is stuck with the development of the Internet. In the traditional way, we have to hire a brick store and then buy or produce a product to sell, but with E-commerce, all we need to do is just a website and the image of products. Customers come and choose what they want, and we deliver after.

E-commerce - technology tẻm that store owner should know

The very popular examples of E-commerce are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba … with a wide range of products, cheap price, and fast delivery service. You can easily start an E-commerce with these ideas first:

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