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Magento Store Credit – Common Customization Request

Magento Store Credit – Common Customization Request

Magestore Magento Store Credit is a simple yet strong module that helps store owners increase customer’s interaction with their business. Customers can use credits to buy products or to share to their friends. Store owners can add credit for customers and make refunds by credit. Along with these default features, each business has a particular demand for Store Credit module. Thus, many Store Credit users send request of having more advanced features for their credit system. The article below features two most common requests. You can have some suggestions to modify the extension and make it better serve your business.

1. Use credit option on checkout page

  • Hide option when credit balance is empty

The default Store Credit module allows customers to use credit to checkout (the option is shown right on the checkout page). However, to avoid customers’ distraction, some prudent store owners need to hide the option automatically when the customer’s credit balance is empty.

Besides, for other business, store credit is assigned to a payment method, for example, wallet payment. Customers whose credit balance is empty do not see that payment option when doing checkout. This helps them not mistakenly pick the not-allowed options. To do that, store owners need to customize Store Credit setting in Magento backend. Admin can choose the payment methods to be displayed when customer’s credit balance is positive.

Magento Store Credit - Display Payment

  • Auto apply store credit

By default, Store Credit enables customers to spend any amount of available credit on purchasing. However, to prioritize credit spending over other payment methods, many retailers request store credit auto apply. In other words, when a customer places an order, all of his store credits are automatically applied as a discount method. If the customer’s credit value is higher than the order’s subtotal, his credit balance will be subtracted the equal amount to order’s subtotal and he can use the remaining credits for the next order. Store owners can turn on/ off this feature on Magento backend to apply it in particular events and gain the bigger benefit.

Magento Store Credit - Auto Apply

2. Use Magento Store Credit for both online & offline checkout

  • Integrate to Web POS

To most of Magento retailers, it is essential to provide a seamless shopping experience from digital to physical stores. They need a module which allows customers to apply credits for both online & offline orders. Therefore, to integrate with Web POS is our top Store Credit customization requests. Magestore Web POS is totally compatible with Store Credit module. If the two extensions are fully synchronized, sales staff can use credits when creating orders or making refund for customers in stores. Additionally, they can easily get in customer’s credit balance with the balance shown on customer listing.

Magento Store Credit - POS Integration

  • Integrate to other web store extensions (Auction, Membership or Gift Card)

Apart from POS, some retailers want to expand Magento Store Credit usability by integrating the module with other Magestore extensions. Their customers then can use store credit not only to purchase products or share to friends as default features but also to buy membership or gift card (with Membership or Gift Card integration) or to place a bid for hot products (with Auction integration).

Apart from the above-mentioned requests, there are other different ones which proposed by Magento retailers in various business models & scopes. With a custom module, many make better use of Store Credit for their business. How do they do that? They reach to Magestore Customization Service, discuss the business demand with our experts and get the features.

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