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Magento Retailers: Frequent customizations that empower your Magento Web POS

Magento Retailers: Frequent customizations that empower your Magento Web POS

In any retail business, POS system, undoubtedly, is indispensable. The POS module indeed covers almost any main activities: creating orders, making payment, completing orders or refund. These functions, if they are well managed, generate a smooth order process then help store owners multiple their business performance in both online & offline field. Therefore, the more suitable the POS is to your business model, the more effective it is to process orders. If you are wondering how other Magento retailers personalize the POS module for their business, you can get some ideas from these frequent customization request for Magento Web POS.

  • The process of creating order

A business might have some particular products to sell online or offline only, thus, some products are not allowed to show on Magento web store yet POS screen and vice versa. Furthermore, to stimulate customers to purchase online, store owners want to set the product price on website lower than that on Web POS. Therefore, one of the most common requests is to distinguish products from online to offline stores. In order to do that, you can create a new product attribute for all products in which you can turn on/ off the product on web store/ Web POS or fill in different prices for them. Additionally, you might need to customize your sales report into a new one that allows you to filter online to POS (offline) orders.


Price to display on POS

After adding products, sales staff fill in customer information to create orders. To make shopping a more personalized experience, many retails apply different pricing policies to different groups of customers. In other words, retailers create favorable treatments for special guests, which help enhance their relationship with special guests. Thus, when creating orders on Magento Web POS, making discount applied automatically for each particular customer group is on demand for many businesses.

  • The process of making payment

Integrating a new payment method to POS module is Magestore most frequent customization request when it comes to empowering POS system. It is totally understandable, for safe & secure payment terminals are crucial for any quick & smooth checkout even it is online or offline. Depending on a number of factors like business field & scope, POS locators,…, each business needs its own unique payment terminals. The custom payment methods, common names requested are Stripe, Braintree, PayU, PayPal or First Data, together with default ones provided with POS module, give customers more options to pick their most convenient mean to pay.

After customers make payment and complete the checkout process, they usually request order’s invoice. The invoice,  many store owners, is a means to illustrate how professional their services are, thus, they demand not a default format invoice yet their particular one with custom design, size or description. These invoices bring about more satisfaction to both retailers as well as their customers.

  • The process of delivery

For retailers that deliver the shipping service to customers, their desired function for POS is to allow staffs to pick the delivery date & time. A box to select delivery date is added into the Shipping section, so sales staffs can easily handle when creating orders. Delivery details are also managed on Magento backend as well.


Set delivery date when choosing shipping method

Each retailer needs a POS system. Furthermore, businesses, differing in model, scope or products, might have different demands for their own POS. In the cases above, the requests of Magento Web POS customization are given with the solution, which, hopefully, could inspire you with some ideas if you are looking for personalizing your POS system. Otherwise, you can consult with Magestore business analysts. Just share with us your expectations, we will analyze and work out your most appropriate solution!

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