To show an astounding front store to customers, a store owner really needs to set up the most advanced and custom-built Inventory Management in the backend. If you still have not got any idea for utilizing Inventory Management system at best, let’s take a look at some popular customization requests that we handle lately.

1. Add Cost of Goods Sold index

When you manage your inventory and involve in accounting at the same time, checking both the total value of the stock and the margin/ gross profit frequently is a necessary thing to do. For that reason, an important measurement that you want an Inventory Management system to show is the average Cost of Goods Sold. It has not been available on the latest version of Magestore Inventory Management yet; however, we have taken care a few cases adding this index into our clients’ customized inventory systems.

The cost of goods sold basically equals to the cost of net purchases plus/ minus the change in stock value in a particular period. Adding the formula with your further requirement on other profit indexes is a can-be-done customization.

2. Track and manage serial number of inventory items

Mostly the request is about making Magestore Inventory Management system able to track serial numbers for the inventory. Some of the detailed features can be listed down:

  • Create individual serial numbers and assign to items (Advanced)
  • Track the serial number in order fulfillment & shipping process
  • Able to scan/enter serial numbers into the inventory management system
  • Record serial number of the item in the order detail/ credit memo
  • Provide various forms of serial numbers to set up
  • Allow to search item using serial number
  • Manage serial numbers regarding each product
  • Able to print barcode for each serial number

3. Build role-based access control system

This customization allows store owners to distribute the power of management following role-based access control. The following case presents the typical request.

A sub-admin can be assigned and give full permissions to manage a store. Also, the sub-admin can only manage and change the information of that store without viewing any other store view. The role permissions of the admin (view, edit, delete or move stocks) limits in the associated store-view. It is set up to only display the assigned store for the sub-admin. Transferring stocks will require the confirmation of the destination store before the quantity of stock is changed. The report is also available only for sub-admin having the permission.

 4. Manage expiration date (for FMCG business)

For a particular business such as selling food and beverage, clients usually ask us to add a custom-built feature relating to the expiry date. Showing this date will allow store owners to set up proper promotions to quickly sell products with an incoming expiration date. Or, even the products are still available but it reaches the expiry date which turns out to be unavailable for sales.

The customization will help to show the expiration date of the Purchase Order and list out the number of items which have the same expiry date in details. Also, this customization may include other features upon request:

  • Subtract the quantity of product by date of expiring and able to change it manually
  • Create reports and filter data to show the incoming expiry date
  • List inventory by the expire date

Base on the list of requirement, Magestore will estimate the process time and notify you the cost for individual cases.

For other businesses including components or small items in each product (e.g: computers, food, industrial equipment or bedding), the customization may also include showing the number of components, ingredients and listing them in details.

5. Change formula in calculating specific index

In some case, clients require us to change the way to calculate an index. The requirement might relate to changing Low Stock Alert based on their customized Predictable Supply Need for a future time. To calculate Predictable Supply Need, the client also requests for new indexes such as Average Stock Level and Receiving Time. Other reports or statistics associated with those data can be shown in graph upon request.

Another frequent requirement is to change the index calculation in the invoice, for example, tax field.

6. Support shipping process

Besides providing Dropship extension to support shipping directly from suppliers, we are willing to help you in customizing Inventory Management for calculating/ showing shipping duration, especially in the case of business’s having no warehouse.

In addition, you can request a new function to support shipping process: allow for selecting warehouse for shipping right in the front-end.

7. Integrate with other extensions and ERP system

As for rebuilt Inventory Management for Magento 1, we have not planned to dig deeper in developing integration in a few next months. However, integrating with M2E Pro, Magmi or other ERP system like Odoo are customizable and we set them as priorities. We might consider offering a special customization fee for any case relating to integration since the process will support us in evolving official integration package in the future.

There are also several customizations appear when clients purchase Barcode Management and Purchase Management. They could ask for having new templates of barcodes or adding the shortcut to create Purchase Order in the inventory. Some small adding are not listed in the frequent customization list but it does not mean we only take the request as mentioned above. To make sure, reach us directly by filling in the form and tell us what difficulties you are having.

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