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FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Question that is a fantastic opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing. When visiting your site, customers know they can click on FAQ page and quickly get an overview of your Company’s products or service as well as answers to their more specific questions. For magento stores, it’s easy to install FAQ page since it’s packaged as a magento extension.

Magento FAQ extension back-end

Reasons why magento FAQ page shoud be created on Magento store

  • The search engines: an FAQ page is a perfect place to provide an abundance of information in an interesting way. It also allows you a chance to use your key words that help searchers find your products or services.
  • Creat links to your main pages: FAQ page is the ideal place to drive traffic to other pages on your site and will help the search engines to them also.
  • Repeat key selling points of your store, product and service
  • Visitors love FAQ pages: only FAQ page gives people information of what products they want to buy. This feature brings the better navigation to your customers.
  • Great place to answer any sales objections: use a question and answer to explain why your product offers more value than your competitor’s.
  • Faq is packaged as a magento extension, allows store-owners to install FAQ page on their site more easily

+ Point out all products’ outstanding features and unique qualities.

+ Brag about your company in an unobvious way and educate customers so that they could make informed decision and not only based solely on price.

One of typical example store running Magestore Magento FAQ extension in the effective way is EarnWisdom.com – a professional manufacture of satellite receiver, establishing in 2003 in Hong Kong. Their store is strongly recommended for the best price, the high quality and the convenient service. Many Magestore magento extensions are being utilized on this store and have brought great results.

Magento FAQ page on earnwisdom

Carney – the Developer of EarnWisdom says:

(Carney – The Developer of EarnWisdom.com)

“FAQ is very necessary. We set up FAQ to improve the User experience, to solve all kinds of questions from customers in the process of shopping. Offering good service, FAQ page brings our web-store to a more professional level. At the beginning, we had some difficuties, however they have been sholved thanks for Magestore’s help and I feel very grateful. I have some other magento extensions like Magento Groupon extension and they are all good. I’ll selecte more magento extensions from Magestore when being necessary.”

What you should do now? Just click on this link to learn how to run FAQ magento extension through Demo and start your own page.

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