Well, I haven’t written for a long time, quite lazy recently :-D. Today, I’m back with a simple thing, as it’s showing in the title: “How to send Magento newsletter”.

It’s really easy, I have to say that ;). First of all, I want to show you how to configure newsletter in admin.
Go to System => Configuration and open Newsletter menu on the left.

In this configuration, you can setup:

  • – Unsubscription Email Sender: sender (name, email) when you send unsubscription email to customer.
  • – Unsubscription Email Template: email template when you send unsubscription email.
  • – Success Email Template, Success Email Sender: Email template and sender when sending email after a customer subscribe successfully.
  • – Confirmation Email Sender, Confirmation Email Template: Email and sender sending email confirmation when there is a customer subscribe newsletter.
  • – Need to Confirm: If you set it to YES, customer has to confirm to subscribe newsletter.

OK, let’s continue with the main part, that’s how to set up newsletter.

Step 1: Create a newsletter template.
Click on Newsletter Template under Newsletter menu, and then click on Add New Template. Here’s newsletter template. You can use HTML for your template content.

Done? Yeah, next step please! 🙂

Step 2: Queue Newsletter.

You can see the template you just created in template list. In Action column, choose Queue Newsletter to queue it. You see the following screen

Select a date for Queue Date Start, it’s the time your newsletter will be sent. If your site is multiple store, you should choose subscribers from which stores will receive this newsletter. You can also change other fields for newsletter content.

That’s all!!! Now all you have to do is to wait till the time you set for Queue date starts. You can view newsletter subscribers by clicking Newsletter Subscribers menu. See if there is any problem with newsletter by going to Newsletter Problem Reports menu.

Hope this helps someone. Good night! 🙂


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  1. I Followed the same steps as above but nothing is working for me…. whether i need to change anything in codes..plz reply

  2. Milind Kansagara Reply

    I have done same thing. I created one news letter and set it in queue the start date of queue is 22 but no updates after that nothing happens no error.

    Please help me regarding this. I have also tried the url that you told my version is 1.4.

  3. Raju Rajotia Jangid Reply


    I have use these steps then I find some issues in its.

    • Hello,
      Could you please share us the issues that you’ve encountered?
      have a good day!

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