Few days left and it’s about time to scare customers with unexpected sales on Halloween. Have you got any idea to impress customers? Getting start with Halloween Statistics by TheShelf might be a good choice to understand the purchase habit during this special occasion.

So, let’s spend a few minutes on this infographic together!

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Courtesy of: The Shelf

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  1. Amit Patel Reply

    Really true that Halloween is perfect opportunity to go some awkward things. You can try different themes on your website. You can also bring some crazy deals and discount offers too. Now a days, social media is one of the biggest platforms to make your targeted clients visit your online store.

  2. Thank you for sharing Cleo,
    By the way, this is a great comprehensive guide, which will also work for ALL of the upcoming holidays. It has all of the engagement basics that will grab peoples’ attention during the most active spending period of the year.

  3. Sammer Patel Reply

    Evergreen Blog!
    I love your content & way which you promote. It has unique model which grab peoples using smart way.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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