Magento 2.0 Beta for developers has officially been launched, do you feel the heat now?

By now, let’s listen to our senior developer – Blanka about his opinion on the next big thing: “Magento 2 may remove nearly all the weaknesses of the previous versions and it offers the best chance for developers to transform their sites. I couldn’t wait so I learned everything from it and I even wrote an extension for Magento 2.0”.

So take a look at our first Magento extension  for Magento 2.0  – Banner Slider. You will have some ideas of how Magento 2.0 looks like. This extension is written on Magento 2.0 with code you can download in this post; therefore, you can have a clearer picture about it.

 [UPDATED] Magestore’s Retailer Kit – The Native Magento Omnichannel Solution has Launched 

Try the demo & explore!

Banner slider - frontend

Frontend Demo  Backend Demo  Download code

Account user name: demo

Password: demo123@

To get more details, go to this blog post introducing about Banner Slider on Magento 2. To download it, visit product page here.

Work with for extensions and themes compatible with Magento 2

We are trying to stay ahead in Magento community by updating everyday about Magento news & tutorial. Even more, we are a partner with for extensions and themes totally compatible with the latest Magento 2. In the frontend demo above, we use the latest theme for Magento 2 of ubertheme.

Let’s keep in touch with us and master Magento 2.0 in the future!

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  1. Hi,

    I installed your banner module in Magento 2 ver0.42.0 beta2. I also added few pics in the admin panel.
    On the frontend home page I get this error “Invalid block type: Magento\Bannerslider\Block\Slideshow”
    when I load the Bannerslider block it works. but I cannot load the Slideshow block.
    can you please help me to resolve this.

    Thank you,

    • Please open Slideshow.php from the path: \app\code\Magestore\Bannerslider\Block, go to __construct() function and replace code of __construct() function as below:

      public function __construct(
      Context $context,
      \Magestore\Bannerslider\Model\BannerFactory $bannerFactory,
      \Magento\Framework\Filesystem $fileSystem,
      array $data = []
      ) {
      $this->_fileSystem = $fileSystem;
      $this->_bannerFactory = $bannerFactory;
      parent::__construct($context, $data);

      Hope that helps! If you still get any problems, please let me know then.

      • Hello,

        I replaced your codes, But unfortunately it didn’t help. I searched the logs and found “Class Magento\Framework\StoreManagerInterface does not exist”

        so I did a few core codes research and found the solution. Here’s my construct and the banner now works fine.

        public function __construct(
        Context $context,
        \Magento\Bannerslider\Model\BannerFactory $bannerFactory,
        \Magento\Framework\Filesystem $fileSystem,
        \Magento\Store\Model\StoreManagerInterface $storeManager,
        array $data = []
        ) {
        $this->_fileSystem = $fileSystem;
        $this->_bannerFactory = $bannerFactory;
        $this->_storeManager = $storeManager;
        parent::__construct($context, $data);

        Thanks for the module.

  2. Hi!

    excellent application

    I have a problem only
    I’m using unresponsive theme and I want to center my homepage
    I can not just left

    in flexslider one I need to adjust the size slider and I can not do
    help please

  3. Hello, Thanks for module.

    I have installed your module and got this error. Please help me to resolve this error.

    Attribute ‘setup_version’ is missing for module ‘Magento_Bannerslider’

  4. Hello,
    Your extentsion ( bannerslider) don’t work on version 0.74.0-beta11
    Can you help me ?


  5. I install a zip file of theme in ubuntu 15.04 but now how to install and what is next step pls tell me in deatails

  6. Nir Goldman Reply

    i reacted a magento error at sql

    Error filtering template: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘mage2.bannerslider_banner’ doesn’t exist, query was: SELECT `main_table`.* FROM `bannerslider_banner` AS `main_table` WHERE (`status` = ‘1’)

  7. Hello,
    Could you tell me how to install it on ubuntu


  8. please help

    Slider is not shown in frontend.It shows this error –
    “We’re sorry, an error has occurred while generating this email. “

  9. Hi guys i hve dowloaded the banner code file
    now how to upload the downloaded in my magneto 2

  10. Hello
    Greeting To All

    Can You Please let me know How I can Integrate the Slider Extension in New magento2 .
    What Is the New Folder structure of extension .

    Please Help me

  11. Fatal error: Class ‘Magento\Framework\Model\Resource\Db\Collection\AbstractCollection’ not found in /nas/content/live/magestoredev/magentolatest/app/code/Magestore/Bannerslider/Model/Resource/Slider/Collection.php on line 5

    I am getting this Error , How I can Fix this problem . Please Help Me .

    Thanks In Advance

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