One Step Checkout has become the go-to-trend in for ecommerce websites. With a rate of conversion demonstrating a 21.8% improvement over the traditional checkout methods, one step checkout effectively overthrow the crown of multi step checkout. With the support of the online market for Magento Extensions, Magento Connect, it is easier than ever for store owners to implement their own one step checkout. However, they also have to face a difficult choice. Between thousands of extensions designed for One Step Checkout, what is the most cost-effective? We will now give you a comparison between the five most popular Magento One Step Checkout Extensions: Fire Checkout by Templates Master, LightCheckout by GoMage, One Step Checkout by Iksanika, Quick One Page Checkout by kamtechnology and One Step Checkout by Magestore in three major aspects: price, features in the checkout pages and customer service.  The “popularity” is determine by a Popularity Score > 1000 and Rating > 4.5/5 according to Magento Connect.

magento one step checkout


All five extensions are paid products. However, the price is different for each product, ranging from just under $100 to nearly $200. Leading the pack is Fire Checkout at a hefty sum of $189, more than double the lowest price of Quick One Page Checkout by kamtechnology ($89). The second highest price is of LightCheckout by GoMage come at the price of $169. The more affordable options are One Step Checkout Extensions by Magestore and Iksanika, both of which is priced at $149.

Features in the One Step Checkout Page

All five extensions come with relatively similar features. They support reducing the 6 traditional checkout steps into one step, using coupon and logging in/registering account at checkout. It should be noted that these extensions are all Ajax-compatiable, which allows real time update and better customers’ interactivity. However, some of the important features are missing in several extensions. Quick One Page Checkout Extension does not allow users to customize checkout tittle, add extra fees at checkout, integrate delivery date, set default values and auto detect GeoIP. Fire Checkout lacks adding extra fees at checkout and only allows login through social networks. Meanwhile, LightCheckout has only one checkout page layout. The Iksanika’s product lacks synchronizing shopping cart with checkout, integration of delivery date and responsive web design. Magestore’ One Step Checkout is quite complete except for GeoIP auto-detection.

magento one step checkout

Customer service

Both LightCheckout and Fire Checkout offer customers 1 year of free support and updates with a refund period of 14 days. Kamtechnology and Iksanika have a shorted window of 90 days after the purchase during which customers can receive support and updates without extra fees. However, the refund period for kamtechnology is 45 days while it is 15 days for Iksanika, Magestore’s One Step Checkout has a special policy which offers free lifetime support, update and bug fix and full refund in 30 days.


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