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Dear Magento friends,
Probably you have known that API is one of the most important things to developers. Magento provides API functions to allow developers to work with Magento from a third party system. To explore it in more details, why not start reading right now?

Welcome back, Magento friends
It has been quite a long time since the last post in this category. How have you been lately? Are you still thirsty for more Magento knowledge? Today we are happy to continue our series with part 5: Partial Operations.

Happy New Year and welcome back to our Magento blog! I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday. And now let’s come back to our Topic 9 with the part of Refund. A refund usually refers to the reimbursement of funds to a customer for a product or service provided. Magento framework will create a Credit Memo for the returned orders.