A point of Sale system is a solution which is comprised of both software and hardware to centralize all the business operations being carried out in a retail store. The POS is responsible for the management of all the purchases and sales being carried out in any business, keeping track of inventories, employees, marketing campaigns and various other features. So today, we will read about the POS examples.

The vital purpose of any such system is to keep the business data organized, well-managed and maximize profit and the POS knowledge will help your staff to work efficiently and enhanced productivity. The costs associated with any business can be easily handled with the help of a feature-rich and highly efficient Point of Sale system.

A POS is a combination of both software and hardware amenities and both can work together to keep track of all the purchases performed at any store. The system must be installed and updated according to the changing technology and business trends in addition to maintaining a close relationship with your valued customers.

Why do Businesses need a POS System?

The sole purpose of any Point of Sale System setup by any store is to improve sales and profits by keeping track of all the products being sold or purchased at the retail store. These systems are also responsible for keeping the bossiness data well-management and it is also ensured that no transaction is left unrecorded.

The POS software installed in the computers of a retail business store also enables the businesses to accept and record cash flow and payments and make sure that the products are always stocked. The software embedded in a POS system is mostly cloud-based and monthly subscriptions are offered for each system.

POS Software Features

The introduction of Point of Sale systems has led to the huge advancement in sales methods and procedures. These systems are well-equipped with features which help the retailers in managing their daily and monthly tasks in an effective and seamless manner and handle POS data efficiently. The most common and prominent features of any POS system include the following:

  • Sales Management 
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Management 
  • Analytics 
  • Reporting 
  • Loyalty Programs and offers
  • Marketing Integrations

5 Best POS System Examples

Popular Points of Sale systems include Shopify, Lightspeed, Shopkeep, Magestore, etc. The top five POS systems which are helping retailers achieve their business goals and help them in carrying out their daily tasks in a productive manner are listed below:

Magestore POS

Magestore POS is rich in all the features which are needed in a good Point of Sale system enabling retailers to keep track of all the activities going on around the store. The key features include:

  • Speed up your revenue generation with our robust and seamless POS system.
  • Intuitive and easy to understand user interface
  • Convert your sales easily with the help of our amazing sales modules
  • Manage your inventories and keep track of all the minute details related to sales and purchase.
  • The processing of sales and purchases involving any number and category of products is accurate and error free.
  • The system is equipped with multiple payment methods enhancing user convenience. These include:
    1. Online Payments
    2. Offline Payments
    3. Split Payments
    4. Partial Payments
  • The performance of our amazing Point of Sale remains fast and stable even during offline hours and the data is synced properly once the mode changes to online.
  • Integration of loyalty systems also provided making sure that no offer or discount is wasted.
  • Users can check out both as a registered user or guest as well.
  • Avoids any kind of delays in transactions during rush hours due to the high speed and good performance.


Square is listed as one of the topmost brands in Point of Sale systems and the set of features, services and price ranges associated with this POS are second to none. The software offered by this highly reliable and popular brand among retailers ensures that the businessmen enjoy a cost-effective, efficient and high-quality product.

The Square app developed in iOS platform is available free of cost for end users and helps them in managing their sales and purchases well. The key features of this highly reliable Point of Sale brand include:

  • Detailed customer profiles
  • Detailed Reports and Analytics
  • The staff permissions are unlimited
  • High performance

Lightspeed POS

The Lightspeed Point of Sale system is also listed among the top POS systems with its amazing set of features and high-level performance. The inventory management module embedded in Lightspeed allows the business personnel to carry out their day to day activities in a highly organized manner.

The inventories are also equipped with unique features such as importing items from various pre-loaded catalogs to track the incoming and outgoing products of each store. The staff can also add filters and customized options to the point of sale systems such as grouping the items according to their types and categories. Other amazing features include granular detailing such as size, style, and color of the product.

The most economical package offered by the Lightspeed POS costs up to $99 each month and the features included in this package are registration of a maximum of five employee accounts, onboarding features for sales staff, keep track of transaction analytics, export reports, and support which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This point of sale system also has different user permissions and account types for store managers, salespeople, and other business roles. The Lightspeed software is also equipped with a hardware package along with the software. This package is comprised of scanners, iPad stands for keeping the devices in the proper position, cash drawers for managing cash and receipt printers for handing out to customers during transactions. The prominent features include:

  • Inventory Management 
  • Integrations Libraries
  • Onboarding webinars for valued customers


Shopify is also listed among the top point of sale systems for integration with e-commerce-based retailers and stores. The POS clients of this amazing brand are provided with their own online store through which they can manage their products online and reach out to people through various channels like social media, etc. 

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The additional features include sales and purchase inventories, employee management and profiles, daily and weekly analytics, discount t codes and offer and a mobile-based application to support the users. The support team is also available 24/4 through different channels such as email, live chat, and phone. The prominent features of this amazing POS service provider include the following:

  • Online Store 
  • Amazing discount offers and codes
  • A free Mobile application on Apple Store

Vend POS

Another Point of Sale system which is famous for its efficient third-party integrations and other amazing features. Additional modules embedded in this system also include payment processing modules, sales, and inventory management systems, customer profiles, split payments, amazing offers, and gift cards, payments with contact information, e-commerce integrations, etc. All these amazing set of features can help the stores in making seamless sales through several channels such as digital, physical and mobile. Other prominent features include:

  • Highly useful e-commerce features
  • The offline mode which helps users in managing data without an internet connection
  • Support for iPad, Mac, and PC.

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