POS advantages

With the technology development, many tasks which require manual steps are now using technique instead.  Then, life becomes easier with less human interference while productivity is increasingly improved, especially in those fields which demanded a great number of manual workers in the past. And in daily life, for instance, people may catch a common scene of salesman using computers as well as mobile devices to serve shoppers in the store.

And maybe you should know that this scene is considered an innovation in the retail market. It’s a milestone remarking an obvious advance when merchants started applying POS System in the operating process.

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POS advantages

Literally, POS stands for Point of Sale and people have many ways to define this definition. However, here is the clearest one from Investopedia:   “A Point of Sale (POS) is the place where sales are made. On a macro level, a POS may be a mall, a market or a city. On a micro level, retailers consider a POS to be the area where customers complete transactions, such as checkout counter”.

The advantages of POS for shoppers

Speed up purchase transaction with quicker responding and better customer service

Technology speeds up everything and POS will do the same for your store’s purchase transaction. The synchronization between devices integrated with POS such as barcode scanner, card swiper, printer and so on can reduce the time per transaction. Quicker for no longer standing in the queue, your customers will like that!

fast transaction checkout

Bring in a seamless shopping experience

When users integrate POS System with other modules such as Inventory Management and Loyalty Programs, it could bring into a seamless experience for shoppers.

For example, the status of any product in stock will be checked and update in real-time to respond to customers as fast as possible, minimize the chance in which shoppers can purchase items because they’re out of stock.

Besides, Loyalty Program integrated with POS could make the process of managing and spending reward points more convenient. Just a few clicks on the screen, the total discount price will be calculated and directly subtracted from the amount value of the transaction. No more chance for loss or mistake happened!

The advantages of POS for retailers

Strengthen Efficiency

Firstly, POS System levers staff’s confidence in many ways. They are not under the burden of memorizing price, the name of products anymore. POS system will show all products on screen with a thumbnail image to choose and add to cart easily with smart categories helping them precisely identify items they want.

And as far as we’re concerned in the previous part, POS is able to reduce the time per transaction. Thus, your checkout counter could serve more clients per hour. It helps improve potential revenue for stores.

Furthermore, POS also eliminates human errors by minimizing human interference, which means most of the manual steps are now done automatically and precisely by POS system.

In case POS system integrated with Inventory Management, it could be connected with inventories and multi-warehouse to automatically enter data of transaction straight to them. It saves time for staffs in terms of data management and also helps them keep track of products in the real-time update.

Besides, a great deal of business loss can be reduced thanks to supporting from POS. In other words, POS keeps track of cash flow and product in a strict way. For instance, with its functions, POS will evaluate carefully every step in the product lifecycle. Then, POS can easily point out where the loss is occurring. Let’s say no to the loss from shoplifter with POS!

Strengthen Efficiency

Stock Management at ease

With traditional register, staffs have to physically view inventory while POS support them to automate checking stock on screen. Even any adjustment happened, staffs don’t have to check it manually but through a glance at the screen. In brief, POS System saves time controlling stock for your stores!

Maintain Price Consistency

If your business owns multiple stores in different locations, the problem of keep price consistency is worth considering. And POS, with its functions, could access to digital product database to amend products’ price as well as automatically apply across all business locations.

Easier Tracking Staff Actions

Maybe you should know that POS System records any actions of staffs for later checking. Individual staff is linked to the specific transaction. Therefore, POS supports managers to identify a single individual with weak and strong sales figures. Thus, a spirit of healthy competition will be fostered well in your business!

Optimize Check out process

The process at checkout counter could speed up thank to the barcode scanner. In an eye blink, all information of picked products will be sent straightly to the system. Next, right on POS, cashiers also access to customer data automatically and add this transaction to customer history. Based on the total value of the transaction, cashiers reward shoppers with points to leverage them for the next purchase. This action will happen when your stores run Loyalty program to keep the customer coming to your stores again and again.

And even in this situation, luckily,  POS still shows how useful it is! With the functions allowing integrated with Loyalty Program and various Payment Gate-away, POS can support your stores better market to clients by encouraging them use reward points or gift cards to purchase in the next time.

Accurate Reports

Based on the history of store’s transactions, POS will automatically extract reports including critical information. This function supports manager take overview pictures of the business performance. For instance, reports show out current common sales trend or identify the area of unnecessary overspend for managers to take appropriate action.

Comprehend Business’s ROI (Return on Investment)

ROI is the phrase standing for Return on Investment. With POS, those detailed will be offered:

  •      The best selling product line
  •      Which store is the most successful and why
  •      Products with best margins
  •      Best salesman of your team
  •      Top deals convincing customers to buy
  •      What is the best marketing campaign or which season of the year brings in sales most?

Base on them, managers can optimize sale process, ordering and marketing to improve profit margin.


In case of people wonder what are the differences between POS and Traditional Cash Register, here is top 7 reasons why POS is better than Traditional Cash Register:

Top 7 Reasons Why POS is Better than Traditional Cash Register

Faster Service than Traditional Cash Register

Instead of manually complete all checkout steps for customers, staffs now can use POS System integrated with other devices such as barcode scanner, card swiper, printer and so on. They work well together, automatically and precisely.  Therefore, it helps staffs reduce time-serving per transaction by completing payment procedure faster.

Simply Accounting Process

Old fashioned cash registers force accountants to sort through hundreds of receipt. However, POS will create and record its own ones in the system for easier checking later.

Cut Down on Users Errors

By minimizing manual steps and times of re-entering data, POS can cut down on users’ errors.

POS Includes an Over All Inventory Management System

Instead of physically viewing stocks in stores, let’s POS save your time by allowing to check quantities of product on screen’s devices. Furthermore, POS can track the biggest sellers and re-order those products when the stock gets low.

See Real-time Inventory Update

POS has this function while rational one can’t do this. It will eliminate a costly hand count and time-consuming steps.

Look Up Transaction in Past Easier

For example, if staffs wanted to know how much they had sold the day before, POS could give detailed information in a snap while traditional register took many hours of laborious work to find out the same answer.

Use POS to Create Purchase Order, Eliminating Extra Steps

When using POS, it’s quicker and more convenient to know when your store should create Order Purchase. Then, it makes sure that you never run out of hottest selling products.

And in the next parts, we will figure out how POS can benefit shoppers as well as retail business.

How to optimize POS to obtain more benefits?

Actually, POS System can reach full advantages if users integrate it with other modules to create an omnichannel experience for shoppers.

Omnichannel, literally, is a system which synchronizes and connects online and offline stores each other to bring in seamless shopping experience for shoppers. It ensures no matter where shoppers are (in online or offline store), regardless devices they use (desktop, phone or tablet), they will see no difference and can shop in the most convenient and seamless way.

To bring in this experience, retailers have to run Omnichannel System which is created by connecting various modules each other in operating. They are POS, Inventory Management, Barcode Management, Multi-warehouse, Purchase Order Management, Order Fulfillment, Dropship, and Reports.


In the century of technology power, it’s a smart strategy to update and keep up with the growing trend to stand at the front line of the market.

Nowadays, as people may see, the main key winning customers is customer centric and how you make them feel when shopping at stores. The more available for them to shop in a convenient way, the longer customers want to engage with your store.

With POS advantages, let productivity grow and thrive!

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    My sister plans to put up her retail store in the future. That’s why she’s thinking of ways on how to provide efficient service for the customers. It’s interesting to learn that POS is a great system that can be used for showing all products on screen with a thumbnail image, which helps the customers identify the items that they desire.

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    It’s great that you mentioned that one of the benefits of a point of sale system is that it enables you to serve more clients per hour, increasing your business’s potential revenue. My sister and I are thinking of opening a boutique downtown soon. If we proceed with our business plan, I’ll make sure we use a POS system. Thank you for this helpful article!

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