In August, we created a beta program for our new Magento 2 POS, built with PWA technology. Since then we’ve embarked on a journey to improve our product and make sure that our beta users were happy with our POS (thanks again for all the support!). And now, it’s ready for our current and future customers!

Magestore is very excited to announce that we are officially releasing a new update for our Magento 2 POS!

This latest version is created with PWA technology and will replace the old webPOS in our Omnichannel packages for Magento 2.



Sell on any device with no App or software installation:

The latest version of our POS for Magento 2 is the best of both worlds – Browser and App. Once you’ve installed our package on your Magento site, all you need is an URL and a web browser. There’s no need to install software from app store, our new POS can work on desktop, laptop, or any tablet as long as it has a web browser. You can even add a shortcut to your desktop/home screen, making it easier to access and sell.

Add PWA POS to homescreen for faster access

Save time with fast and stable checkout:

Our new POS will deliver the lightning checkout speed you and your customers have been waiting for. With the scope of 100,000 SKUs and 100,000 customers, the latest Magento 2 POS can:

  • Look up customers in under one second;
  • Scan product barcode in under one second;
  • Complete transaction in under ten second;
  • Process up to 12,000 orders per hour (equivalent to 200 active POS systems).

In addition, you can create multiple orders at the same time or hold orders for later checkout.

PWA POS multiple orders

Mix payment methods to complete an order:

Your customers want to pay in different ways, and our POS is designed to help you with just that. With our POS you can:

  • Process offline payment such as Cash and credit card;
  • Accept online payment gateways such as Paypal (Credit Card and Email),, Stripe.

We’re also working on a localized version for Australian retailers that accept Tyro and Afterpay.

PWA POS payment methods

In case your customers want to combine different methods to pay for one order, split payment is also available. You can use multiple online AND offline methods to complete the order. In addition, your customers can pay in different installments with partial payment. With our latest update, you can process future installments with both online and offline methods.

Sell without the internet:

Similar to previous versions of our POS, you can use offline mode and complete order without the internet. Our system automatically saves all data of new orders and gets old data from your IndexedDB browser. Once connection is restored, orders will be automatically synced into your Magento backend.

With our latest update, now you can even refresh your browser and still checkout. In addition, you can export orders created with offline mode into a pdf file for backup.


Our POS makes refund easy for both you and your customers. You can easily look up order history, refund the whole order or in part, process payment for your customer and return the items to stock.

PWA POS easy refund

Other features:


  • Visualize product lists with thumbnail images;
  • Search products by barcode, SKU, name, or description;
  • Scan barcode to add product to cart, using tablet camera;
  • Support simple, configurable, bundle, grouped, and virtual products;
  • Create custom sale items (such as for new arrivals) in two clicks;
  • Re-order;
  • Warning icon and message to avoid adding out-of-stock products.


  • Support Magento shopping cart rule;
  • Support Magento catalog rule;
  • Support catalog tier price;
  • Apply coupon code that is created in Magento shopping cart rules
  • Apply custom discount per item or per shopping cart.

Peripheral Devices:

  • Barcode reader;
  • Cash drawer;
  • Card swiper;
  • Receipt printer.


PWA POS manage customers

  • Use the default customer info for guest checkout;
  • Search customers by name, email, or phone;
  • Choose existing or add new customer when creating an order;
  • Edit customer info right on POS screen;
  • Let customers subscribe to newsletters.

How to get it:

[Update on 2 Nov 2018] A simple version of POS for Magento 2 is available for self-purchase on Magestore website. It’s perfect for small retailers who want to checkout fast & simple with the most essential features.

Ready to transform your business? Here’s how easy it is to make faster in-store sales:

  • Step 1: Go to our Magento 2 POS page on;
  • Step 2: View demo & purchase Magento 2 POS;
  • Step 3: Download your product package;
  • Step 4: Install our package and enjoy 🙂

Get Magento 2 POS


In regards to our previous products for Magento 2:

We want to focus on delivering the best retail experience on our brand new POS for Magento 2. As a result, we’ve also decided to discontinue our Retailer POS app and Sales Order App on August 21, 2018. Customers who purchased these two apps before this date will continue to receive free one-year support from us. However, there will be no new update and we recommend moving to our new POS which has similar features.

We hope that our latest update to PWA technology will help you checkout and manage better. Drop us a line if you have any questions, and happy selling!


Jackie writes about industry trends, tips & tricks, and everything in between to help retailers start and grow their awesome business.


  1. mark Richard Reply

    However, PWAs are still not a replacement for native apps as the latter still is unbeatable in providing immersive experiences.!

    • I agree Mark :), PWAs are not a replacement for native apps as each has their own pros and cons. But imo it can be a good alternative, as it advantages over a native app. To name a few, you don’t need a chaotic app store and a separate code base, it’s cheaper to develop a PWA than a native app. And what I like best is PWA can run on multiple platforms, as long as the platform supports a browser. But its integration ability cannot be compared with native apps.

      To recap, I think PWAs are more suitable for SMEs for cheaper investment but have enough basic functionalities & smooth experience across many platforms. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    2 questions:
    1. When will it be available?
    2. Is it for Magento 2 only, or will PWA POS work with Magento 1 as well?


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