If you are thinking about improving your business productivity, you may think of Point of Sale (POS). However, you still hesitate to implement POS on your business working. Why? The biggest obstacle is that you cannot firmly decide which one you should buy.

If you are the one who ponders – Choose Magestore POS or Ebizmarts POS? then don’t skip this article. It will help you get the final best choice.

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Why POS from Ebizmarts and Magestore?

Both Ebizmarts and Magestore provide excellent POS extension, including high-satisfied customer service, multi-warehouse support, real-time inventory update, customer information management, staff management (shift work and user role), etc.

At a glance, one can easily see that Ebizmarts and Magestore provide a comprehensive effective POS features.

However, they got not a few differences. To discover deeply the difference and pros-cons when using, you still need many time to research

So that, if you want to save your valuable time on searching, scroll down below.

10 Big Differences between Ebizmarts and Magestore

We will take a look at 10 big difference between these two POS providers:

1. Order Process

Although each Magento POS Extension has its particular high speed on order processing, their features bring your customer different experience.

On the checkout process, Ebizmarts allow users (known as the salesperson) on-hold order. Customers can hold their order while adding or removing some products. They can keep holding until they get the most satisfied choice.

Ebizmarts POS - order process

You may see this feature as a big advantage for your store (even online or offline). However, if we consider about the offline store, this will not be a good idea. Because while a customer is holding an order to get the final choice, the other customers will have to wait. In a nutshell, you may satisfy one customer but you may annoy not only one customer.

But what about Magestore POS?

In addition to the on-hold feature, Magestore POS also allows multiple-orders. It means your customers don’t need to wait for “indecisive” customer in front of them. Your staffs can minimize customers’ waiting time by checking next customers while waiting for the on-hold customer.  

Magestore POS - order process

Magestore POS can handle 3 orders at a time

How fast it will be! Saving customer time means raising customers’ satisfaction.

More detail, get a Free demo of Magestore POS here:

magestore pos

2. Barcode Scanner

As you can see, the Magestore’s Order Processing seems more effective than Ebizmarts’ (especially if you got huge crowd of customers coming to your brick-and-mortar).

With Barcode Scanner, Ebizmarts POS works more flexibility than Magestore POS.

If Magestore POS can only use the traditional tool – Barcode and Barcode Scanner, then in Ebizmarts, you can apply various methods, such as QR code, Barcode and using Scanner or iPad/iPhone camera to scan.

QR code scanner

Example image of QR Code Scanner

Better still, if you choose to use QR codes for all products, and iPhone/iPad camera to scan QR code, then you will save an amount of money on buying Barcode Scanner and save time on setting up the system.  

Bonus: Download this comparison chart features 7 POS systems from Magestore, BoostMyShop, Ebizmarts, ConnectPOS, Webkul, MicroBiz Cloud, and Quickbooks POS.

3. Payment Integration

Ebizmarts POS supports your customers with Paypal Here, Sage Pay, Sage Pay Payment Solutions, Authourize.net, Stripe, Adyen, Alipay, and Paymentexpress.

Meanwhile, Magestore POS is integrated with Paypal, Paypal Here, Authorize.net, Pay.nl, and Stripe.

However, Magestore POS is also integrated with Bambora. Customers can make any types of online payment with Bambora Device at the store (even cancel an order paid).

Using Bambora, your staffs don’t need to re-enter the price of the order, card information, or type of card. They just need to swipe card, then all information will be automatically filled on Magestore’s POS Screen.

Magestore POS - bambora payment -1

Magestore POS - bambora payment -2

This is a fast, secure and effective method that most successful businesses are using.

Notice: you need to get Bambora Terminal to use this

4. Payment – Delivery Method

Although Ebizmarts and Magestore support paying in cash, cash-on-delivery, credit card, or even split payment, each got its unique feature.

Ebizmarts has Layaway option – allowing customers to pay in installments using different payment methods for the same transaction.

Magestore has Custom Payment option – allowing customers to pay in various personalized methods.

5. Promotion on POS

Both can use Gift cards, promotions, custom discounts, coupons, store credit to pay and check gift card balances.

promotion on POS

However, if you want to use these promotions on Ebizmarts’ POS System, then you have to purchase Gift Card extension, Reward Points extension and Store Credit Extension from Magestore and Aheadworks.

As you can see, Magestore created marketing extensions such as Gift Card, Store Credit, and Reward Points. Therefore, the Magestore POS is obviously integrated with these extensions. Besides, now Magestore sell products by package so you do not need to worry to pay extra money to use these extensions and wasting time on adding code to integrate these extensions.

6. Offline Mode vs Kiosk Mode

Magestore POS is popular for its Offline mode, while Ebizmarts is well-known for its Kiosk Mode.

Each feature is unique on its own way.

In this modern world, losing Internet is a terrible moment because it interrupts our work and most of the time, we cannot work without Internet. Imagine, if you are checking your customers’ orders, then the Internet goes down! That is not a good scene.

But with Magestore POS Offline Mode, you can work normally as usual even when the Internet is dropping. Thanks to IndexDB Storage, the POS can keep all the orders in the system with offline mode. Then, when you are back online, these databases will be synced with online data.

Magestore POS - offline mode

Sounds interesting?

However, if you have a lot of customers coming to your store but there are only a few staffs serving in store, you cannot ignore another amazing feature –Ebizmarts POS Kiosk Mode

Ebizmarts POS - kiosk mode

Your staffs can hand the iPad over to a customer allowing them to search for the products they would like or they want to look through. The Kiosk Mode feature allows you to lock down the POS app on iPad so that the customers can only view products via a store-like interface but cannot use the menu settings or process any payment in POS. This improves security from the potential threat of internal users.

The tablet will follow your customers’ shopping journey until they get the final choice, then your staffs will handle checkout process. With this Ebizmarts feature, you can reduce the number of customers leaving your physical stores without buying anything.

7. Inventory Feature

Because Magestore not only creates solutions for POS but also build extensions for Inventory Management, Magestore POS seems to work smoother with Inventory Management than Ebizmarts.

Ebizmarts POS and Magestore POS both can sync with Magento Stock in real time, check inventory from other stores and usable in multi-warehouse.

Better yet, Magestore POS can alert you about low-stock products, and give you a correct prediction of need-to-supply stocks.

8. Return Orders

With returning orders, both providers – Ebizmarts and Magestore – allow returning orders to store credit, gift card or on-cash.

Besides, Ebizmarts also provides another method – return to coupon. It means the amount of returning money will be converted to a coupon code that your customers can use or can give to their friends.

9. Client Platform

There is also a small difference but can make the different change in your decision: Client Platform.

Ebizmarts POS is built on iOS platform and available for only iOS app.

However, Magestore POS is built on not only iOS platform but also web-based. Thus, you can use the Magestore POS on both iPad or any computer (with the popular operating system such as Windows and iOS)

10. Plans & Pricing

An overriding factor when selecting the appropriate POS system for your business is the price.

  • Ebizmarts

Ebizmarts POS has 4 types of plans & pricing as below:

Ebizmarts POS pricing plan

Generally, all plans offer a free first 30 days. Thus, you can try and implement to watch if the POS works for your store. The price is counted monthly, and the lowest package is $49 monthly cost.

If you get a big business, the price starts at $89 monthly cost. Besides, they also get good customer service (as you can read the review on their page).

  • Magestore

Magestore will not provide you only a POS, but they will give you a solution package. So that, you can save a huge amount of time on integrating POS with other extensions. In addition, you and your staffs will have a seamless using to smooth your work and increase productivity.

The packages are planned as below:

Magestore Solution pricing plan

With the Starter, you will get the integration between Web POS, Retailer POS and Inventory Management.

The Growth package will include Web POS, Retailer POS, Inventory Management, Multi-warehouse Management, Purchase Management, Store Pickup, Gift Card – Reward Points – Store Credit.

The Growth Plus package will provide you the seamless integration between all extensions that Magestore used to have some new module such as Drop Shipping, Accounting Integration, etc.

And the price for Magestore Package starts from $359 and pays one time, with free updates after that (bonus free Business Expert Advice who will give you wise strategies to implement POS effectively in your business).

Besides, they guarantee to return the product in 365 days. So that, you will have more time to see the effectiveness of the solution in your business.

There is also a big plus for Magestore Package: the module is easy-to-use and easy-to-install. You can install it by yourself (even if you are not a high-tech person).

Final Decision

You may ponder a little bit to decide which one should you buy:

Ebizmarts POS

Magestore POS

On-hold Order



Multiple Orders


Cancel Order



Refund Order Support



Multiple Currencies



Multiple Payment Methods



Bambora Integration


Discounts & Custom Pricing



Tier Pricing



Customer Management
Data Centralization



Usable Gift Card, Reward Points, Store Credit Available
Staff Management
Lock POS for certain staff



User Roles and Permission



Shift Reports



Inventory Integration
Real-time synchronization



Check Inventory from other stores



Check multi-warehouse



Alert Low Stock Products


Predict Supply Need


Multiple Tax Levels


Barcode Scanner



Print and Email Receipts



Offline Mode


Kiosk Mode


Multiple Delivery Methods





iOS platform



Web-based platform


Price From $49 monthly cost $359 one time payment

So here we will tell you a small advice:

If you have a strong focus on your brick-and-mortar, and the webstore is just a tool to promote your physical stores (you don’t sell much online), then you can consider about Ebizmarts product. Because they get a pointing feature for physical stores – Kiosk Mode.

Ebizmarts POS

However, if you don’t sell much online but you have a big revenue when you sell on festivals, events, etc. then you may think about Magestore POS with Offline Mode. So that, you can keep selling without any fear of “crazy” Internet connection

And, if you want to boost sales on both online and offline stores, or you only sell online, or you get more than one warehouses, and your business tends to launch various marketing promotion campaigns, then Magestore will be the best choice. They get a comprehensive integrated system so that your business can experience a seamless using (which boost up productivity).

Magestore POS

And that is just a small advice. The final decision depends on you.

You must try the demo from Ebizmarts and Magestore before jumping into the final decision.

Please notice that, if you want to get a demo from Ebizmarts, you need to pay an amount of money (then if you do not buy their product, they will give it back to you).

With Magestore, you just need to book a demo, and there will have a business expert talk to you and give you best advice for your business model. (You do not need to pay anything. It is free from the beginning).

Good luck!

Hope you find the best POS system for your business


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